Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Waiting

Well it does feel like there is a huge weight lifted of our shoulders now that Gabers little chest is closed up. Our sit and wait game is a little less stressful at this point, but still a sit and wait game!

Gabi still has too much fluid in her and with all of the Morphine she was having urinary retention...meaning she wasn't peeing. So they had to put the Catheter back in to relieve the pressure on the bladder. So Gracie you need to keep doing the Pee Pee dance and praying for sissy to go Pee! haha They are fine tuning the potion again and talking of adding some steroids to that potion. They are all very pleased with where she is it is just a matter of getting her back into chemical balance.

Poor Mimi Crawford had a rough day yesterday. Gabi had two things kinda go wrong yesterday and she happened to be in the room during both! haha. The piece called the "Manifold" which is where all the drugs go into before they move to her IV cracked and of course they had to change it out and all her numbers started going crazy as she is still very dependent on her medicine. Then she really started waking up and holding her breathe, which of course caused her to turn purple, and again Mimi was in here to panic for us! haha. As Mimi said at least she was in here so she could keep the nurses and staff in line to make sure they fixed it!

We appreciate all the well wishes. We will probably be in the hospital for another two weeks with best case scenario results. So if it isn't too much to ask we would still greatly appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery while we are in here.

Jason, Micah, Gracie, Gabers!