Tuesday, January 29, 2008

112 Days to Go..

I am officially 6 months today...yipee! It seems as if the days have just flown by, but now is the time the days will just start dragging on. I get more and more uncomfortable by the day. Good sleep, let's just say there is no such thing! I sleep about an hour at a time and wake up to either pee or just flop around. No use of being modest now, hey this kid I swear she bounces on my bladder:) Kinsley is quite the active little girl, just like her big sissy was. She is still very small so the kicks and arm swings as lite, but constant. I am afraid she is going to beat me up as she continues to grow. My weekly emails I get on her development says she is now about a foot long, the size of an ear of corn. It cracks me up how every week they compare babies to the size of some sort of food. Just last week she was a large mango...funny huh!?!

Anyways this weeks pics, I swear I looked bigger last month. I think I just might be filling out more which makes me look as if I am shrinking a bit...does that make sense to anyone but myself?!? So all my picture viewing peeps here ya go...ENJOY!!!
***I almost forgot, we are working really hard on our website, but it is much more work than we anticipated. And of course I want it perfect before we publish it. I have been up all hours of the night and we are getting close. So hopefully we will get it done within the next couple of days...Trust me I will make a huge announcement and then I want everyone to share it with everyone you know. I am so proud we are about to make a huge step in something that is so incredibly special to us!


amy flege said...

you are looking great micah!!!!!

Kaden's mommy said...

Again, love the belly pictures. It must be a little girl beat mommy up from the inside. I can't believe you are already 6 months along. Believe it or not, time may still fly by. I know it has for more day!!! Maybe you should have a little discussion with Kinsley and tell her that it is not nice to use your bladder as a mini trampoline!!!

You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers (as always). Keep us updated with the cute belly shots. Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Aww. I know what you're talking about. You do look a little smaller but that could be a result of how she is positioning herself too. Those 110 days will go very fast I'm sure!! Laurie

Isabella said...

Okay you are just way to cute!!! Well I am missing you like crazy. I can't wait for little Kinsley to make her grand arrival. What kind of stuff does she need?? I am ready to go shopping.
Love Ya Lots

Anonymous said...

An ear of corn..that's the funniest thing I've ever heard.. Sorry sleep is hard to come by.. I am not pregnant and still can't sleep- I know the feeling!! Your adorable! Miss u

The Bryant Family said...

I look like that with my belly showing and dont have baby on board....OK, so mine is flabby and not so round but definate belly. :) You look cutie patootie! I am awaiting the site for Gifts of Gabis Grace. Hugs--