Monday, February 26, 2007

What a week!!!

Daddy has been very busy on the computer so Mommy hasn't had much of a chance to update... until now. A lot has happened since Valentine's day. We had a bit of a scare on friday at the cardiologist appointment. Gabi hasn't been gaining enough weight still, so the doctor said if she didn't gain by today we would try to increase the caloric intake again, then if that didn't work we would have to tube feed her. But as always she waits till the last second to pull through. She gained 8oz. since last monday... that is fantastic! We are finally onto something good. She hung out with Mema and Papa on friday night. Mema gave her a good talk and told her how important it is to eat...ALOT. I told Mema that the next time we have eating issues I am sending her over for another talk.

Saturday we picked up Gracie and we went to Barnes and Noble in Topeka. They had story time and we attended with the girls, the topic was Down Syndrome Awareness. It was great especially since we had not addressed the issue to Gracie. We felt it explained it to her in a way that was very light and easy for her to understand. Gracie will tell you this... Gabi can and will do about everything I can, I just might need to help her more. Of course she doesn't totally comprehend, but what 5 year old (6 next month) can, besides Gabi is her sister and she will always watch over her! Just a little FYI...Gracie and Gabi made their debut on tv for the first time. The local news did a story about the D.S. Awareness, we are trying to find a link to view the story, but so far no luck...I will post it if I can get something. Our girls are stars already!
This is the first time Mommy and Gracie did my hair, so of course they captured the moment!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Gabi's first holiday! How could anyone turn down this angel?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weighing In...

Yesterday we went to visit Dr. Kelley for the big weigh in. Last week she was 6lbs. so we had to see an increase or else she would have to go to the hospital for a short stay. Well she chuncked up a little, she gained 4oz. We are so happy and so proud of our little Gabers, that is her officail nickname from Mommy, Daddy, and Gracie! This afternoon I got a call from the cardiologist, and she gave Gabi 2 thumbs up. So unless her eating decreases then we don't see her again until the 23rd. Well I would love to update more, but baby girl is a squawkin...gotta check on her.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Almost 4 weeks...

Such a cutie, even when sleeping!!

First off I can't believe it has taken me so long to update this and I apologize. I have been busy taking Gabi to the doctor and still adjusting to this new lifestyle. I must say though I love my life, my daughter has given me a whole new meaning for waking up every morning. Not to mention Jason has been home for the last week...looking for a new job. It came as a bit of a surprise, but it definitely is what is best for us. Gabi and I are so excited to have Daddy home every night.
Yesterday we had an appointment with the cardiologist and things could be better. Gabi's heart sounds good, but there is some concern because she has not gained any weight. She has maintained her weight since week 1, but there has been no gain. The reason we think is because she is using all her energy to breathe and control her oxygen levels there is nothing left for her to grow. So she is on a very strict high calorie diet and if she does not gain weight by Monday, she will be hospitalized so the expert can take a close look as to what is going on. Hopefully our little angel will pull through and pack on some weight. Of course we don't want her to end up in the hospital, but we also are preparing a bit for just never know. She is such a fighter! She ate fairly well today but she spit up more than normal, so we are gonna see how tomorrow goes before calling the doctor. That is one thing I am not afraid or think it is silly to do, I don't call like a crazy psycho mom, but if I am concerned I will call. Hey this is my first and she also has more needs so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Today Jason picked up Gracie for a long weekend, Parent Teacher conferences. Hers was last night the teacher said they are putting her in some accelerated classes. We are so proud of her! Sometimes she likes for us to think she can't do things, but getting reports like that we know she just wants Daddy to do things for more of that...Yeah right, she'll always be Daddy's Girl and he will always do things for her :)
Tonight before Gracie actually fell asleep Daddy tucked her in and said he 'd come in a few mintues to check on her, bofore he could she came out. She said she couldn't sleep cause she was so excited to see him! It was so cute and so sweet...I could tell it melted his heart. So he held her a little bit and she fell asleep in his arms on the couch. It's moments like this that I look forward to with Gabi, but to see it with Gracie and Jason is so special too!