Monday, May 18, 2009

Party, Party, Party

Kinsley's new set of wheelsMusical stacking boxes, which she LOVES!!!
Every kid should eat with balloons attached to the high chair
Her official PARTY HAT, which didn't stay in very long!
Cake #1
Yummy I like this...
Official PARTY outfit, party #2
Strikin a pose, with her new car
She loves those balloons!
Her itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini
Her big ol' babydoll
Cake #2 and #3
She never did dive into it, afraid she might be a little dainty!
She did enjoy it though:)
Workin off the cake, pushin her best friend Joellen around.
Overall Kinsley had a GREAT celebration. She had 2 parties, 3 cakes, tons of presents, and lots of family and friends over the celebrate with. I would say she did a-o-k for her first birthday. Now if I could just my house back in order! But then again I have to pack this week, what's the point...we move Saturday! Thanks again to everyone who celebrated with us, it was one special day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy KiNsLeY!!!

Seems like only yesterday we were going in to be induced.

As soon I get pics from today I will post, but we have a busy day ahead of us, so it may take some time. I just wanted to share a year ago with all. And reflect on the fact that God is good and we are so blessed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINSLEY ADDYSON, we love you sooooo much!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time to Pack up the Troops and Move Out!!!

So much has been going on around here I can't even remember the last time I truly wrote an entry other than post a few pictures or for that matter the last time I checked up on all my bloggin buddies. I feel horrible I haven't been following, but I just have been in my own little world. And as all of you know time to focus on my family is the most important thing I can do. And I have been trying to keep myself sane and do a little bit for myself. But can I really say it is for myself? Not really I have been working and although I enjoy what I've been doing I do it for my family. Just as Jason does for us everyday of his life...bless his heart. We are so blessed to have such an AMAZING, LOVING, CARING, RESPONSIBLE daddy!!! We have been dealing with a lot of crap lately and it saddens me because it is all beyond our control, but through all that crap we have stayed strong and supportive of each other.

We have been living life with a new outlook. We become stronger with our faith with each day. Even though things are crappy in some areas, other areas just get better and better. Our love grows more and more everyday for each other and our girls. He has an incredible job, with lots of opportunity for us to believe in our goals that we have as a family. He LOVES his job, it's actually a great escape from our reality. Even though I am in a complaining whiney mood, I still know we do have soooooo much to be thankful for. It is just a few irritating things that seems to NEVER go away, but hey life wouldn't be fun without a few hiccups right?!?

Gracie is doing AWESOME in school. She is doing end of the year spelling tests and so far this week she has gotten all of her words right. Lots of practice at home, but it pays off. Her reading skills improve everyday. She actually tells a story instead of reading a bunch of's so enjoyable. She is getting ready to start playing volleyball for the first time, which she is super excited about. Then swimming lessons in June. Never a dull moment for that child! And she gets better with Kins everyday. They have so much fun playing together. They love having dance parties!

Kins is growing like the dandelions that won't go away in the front yard. I cannot believe I just compared my child to the weeds in the front yard...hehehe!!! She is walking a ton. She says, Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Papa, By Byeeeee, Baba (bottle), No, uh oh. She can make a monkey noise, ducky noise (which is her favorite, she quacks all over the house). We imitate an elephant and monkey. She can sort shapes. And we are even working on potty training. I know it seems so early, but I figure it couldn't hurt and typically we are home so why not! I just need to be more consistent with her. She has poop pooped 5 or 6 times now in the potty. Obviously that one is a little easier to know it coming. She loves rearranging the kitchen, whether it be the chairs, the bowls, her high chair, you name it if she can move it she will.

Now as for us and our living situation. We have decided to move again! We found a place up north, not in Liberty where Jason works, but close the address is Kansas City, actually off North Oak TFWY. We are kind of excited, it's a brand new town home. You see we had to move because we are down to one car. We are trying so hard to get back on our feet and that means downsizing in every aspect of our lives. Life is getting better for us, but we still have certain sacrifices to make and after all we'd do whatever it takes for our baby girls!

As you can see my girls are doing great. And daddy and I are still madly in love:) Now for your entertainment some head banging and fun pics. ENJOY!!!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot, the birthday countdown has offically started at our house...exactly 7 days till the big day!!! I CANNOT believe my baby will be 1 :( This last year flew!

Kinsley's first experience with Finger Paints!