Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It is official our web site is up and running. I personally think we did an excellent job! There are a few things I want to add and tweak, but for now I am just so excited to say it is good enough to publish! Please feel free to leave us a comment or donation if you wish...always trying to raise a buck or two:)
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

112 Days to Go..

I am officially 6 months today...yipee! It seems as if the days have just flown by, but now is the time the days will just start dragging on. I get more and more uncomfortable by the day. Good sleep, let's just say there is no such thing! I sleep about an hour at a time and wake up to either pee or just flop around. No use of being modest now, hey this kid I swear she bounces on my bladder:) Kinsley is quite the active little girl, just like her big sissy was. She is still very small so the kicks and arm swings as lite, but constant. I am afraid she is going to beat me up as she continues to grow. My weekly emails I get on her development says she is now about a foot long, the size of an ear of corn. It cracks me up how every week they compare babies to the size of some sort of food. Just last week she was a large mango...funny huh!?!

Anyways this weeks pics, I swear I looked bigger last month. I think I just might be filling out more which makes me look as if I am shrinking a bit...does that make sense to anyone but myself?!? So all my picture viewing peeps here ya go...ENJOY!!!
***I almost forgot, we are working really hard on our website, but it is much more work than we anticipated. And of course I want it perfect before we publish it. I have been up all hours of the night and we are getting close. So hopefully we will get it done within the next couple of days...Trust me I will make a huge announcement and then I want everyone to share it with everyone you know. I am so proud we are about to make a huge step in something that is so incredibly special to us!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Under Major Construction...

Jason and I are finally getting around to constructing our website for Gifts of Gabi's Grace Foundation. We have been talking about doing it for a long time, but never actually find the time. We spent the weekend in Indy, with nothing to do...can I tell you how lost we were. A weekend where we had no running all over God's green earth. Now I know we bring alot of that on ourselves, but geeze of petes was it nice to not be on a schedule. Anyways, we relaxed around the apartment and we were very lazy. The weather was nice on Sunday so we took Sadi to the park...she must have been confused or something. We thought it would be great exercise for her since we are in such a small space right now, ding dong was more interested in checkin out all the doggie doo than she was fetching the ball.
Sunday evening we spent working on our website. The new look is not yet published, we hope to have it done tomorrow. I will definitely be posting as soon as we do. I am very pleased with what we have so far. It is a perfect reflection of Miss Gabber Goo...Pretty and Pink:) what else would you expect.
One last thing for those of you who want to see more belly pics. I promise to have more up within the next 3 days! So stayed tuned for new and exciting things to keep you distracted when you are at work or home when you should be cleaning:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daddy made Brownies...

When Jason and I got married we vowed to make each other happy and take care of each for the rest of our lives. Well we all know things have been crazy for us, but through it all we continue to grow and develop into the relationship I had always dreamt of. There is one thing I must tell you though, I think when we got married he forgot how to cook. He helps once in a while, but he is so busy with work, so I have taken on the responsiblity to feed us. Which I really don't mind I enjoy cooking. Unfortunately though I wasn't feeling very good last night. I did get enough energy to heat up some left overs, but I was craving a sweet treat...Turtle Brownies. I asked Jason if he'd make them and he claimed he didn't know how. Well I politely reminded him the directions were on the box and then he agreed to make the brownies. He was so cute just smiling and so proud of making my sweet treat. They turned out perfect and super gooey, just how we like them! How did I ever get so lucky?!?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally we have pictures...

I am trying...

So today I am finally getting around to uploading the rest of the photos from the balloon release and of course I am having problems. For some reason I keep getting an error message everytime I try. So it looks as if you will have to wait a bit longer. I am so sorry for the delay. Usually I am on top of things, but with me out of town last week and now this error thing it doesn't look as if I will be able to follow through.

Not much to update in our lives other than there is never a dull moment. We are having some work issues, but things will work out. We are praying hard and well we know this is not in our hands as many things we encounter in our lives.

Kinsley is doing well. The little girl has her days and nights mixed up so I do not get much quality time sleeping. But it is such an amazing feeling everytime she moves. I getting more and more attached to her everyday. I am so thankful that we have been blessed yet again!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

One happy little girl...

Gabi sure does know how to tug at our hearts. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people participated in her birthday celebration from all over. I even had emails from people who had never met her, but found her through this blog. She truly is an amazing little girl. The most important lesson she taught us is to love completely and live for today!

I have to tell you I believe we all kept her very busy today reading all of her special notes. I also think she has taken some time out to play too...I think she is probably sucking the helium out of her balloons and representing the lollipop kids:) Making Mommy and Daddy proud of course. So angel, I hope you were surprised and realize just how much we love you...yesterday, today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS!

I am still getting many picture sent in I will post more in a day or 2!!!
Thanks again for making this such a speical first birthday. With that being said I will leave you with one special picture from Papa Acker. The balloons are far in the distance, but the pink halo around the sun is Gabi telling us she sees them coming...thanks Papa!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the Church Party...

We were unable to attend the party Mema put together at our church, but they sure know how to make a family feel so special! Thank you to all who went out of your way today to honor our angel today. And a special thanks to Zachy Reid for helping Miss Gabbers blow out her candle:) The balloon release pics are with all the others...on down the page!

Mommy and Daddy's Special "Party"

Hope you enjoyed all your balloons angel!!! You sure had a lot coming your way.

Mommy couldn't resist I had to get a cake for Gabi! Let me tell you it started off very emotional, we couldn't even get it together to sing Happy Birthday, but I am so glad we did have it. I think Daddy enjoyed it, cause he got to eat with it honor of Gabi of course:)
It was yummy too...can you tell by the huge bites we took:)

Thank you for your participation!!!

I tried to pay tribute to each of you and mention names, but I had a hard time and it started to stress me out, so sorry not names mentioned! Thank you for making this a birthday our angel will never forget! We love you:)