Sunday, January 13, 2008

One happy little girl...

Gabi sure does know how to tug at our hearts. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people participated in her birthday celebration from all over. I even had emails from people who had never met her, but found her through this blog. She truly is an amazing little girl. The most important lesson she taught us is to love completely and live for today!

I have to tell you I believe we all kept her very busy today reading all of her special notes. I also think she has taken some time out to play too...I think she is probably sucking the helium out of her balloons and representing the lollipop kids:) Making Mommy and Daddy proud of course. So angel, I hope you were surprised and realize just how much we love you...yesterday, today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS!

I am still getting many picture sent in I will post more in a day or 2!!!
Thanks again for making this such a speical first birthday. With that being said I will leave you with one special picture from Papa Acker. The balloons are far in the distance, but the pink halo around the sun is Gabi telling us she sees them coming...thanks Papa!!!


Sara said...

YOur site is wonderful and I love the gifts of gabi ! She was a beautiful little girl!!!


Isabella said...

What a beautiful picture. I think the pink ring around the sun says it all!!

Anonymous said...

that picture is AMAZING you should blow it up and have it framed it really is just beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! Happy Birthday to Gabi!

I cannot imagine ALL the emotions you are feeling and going thru this past week. I know it has been a tough one for you. I wish I could say, I feel your pain and know what you are going thru, but I would be lying. All I know is Gabi was a special girl who had/has touched sooo many lives. She still is making a BIG impact on peoples live today and she still will be down the road, 20 years from now with the foundation you two have started.

I am missing you two in church on Sundays, it's just not the same without you there. You two bring so much joy and laughter to our church.

Love Always,