Friday, January 11, 2008



JANURARY 12, 2008...her first birthday

(hot pink) Balloon Release

12 pm central standard time!!!

*** Be sure to attach a little note to Gabi and include the blog address,
One thing to think about is you may need to get some clear contact paper at Walmart so that the note does not get ruined. That was great idea given to me and we will be doing it, because I want to be sure others learn about our special little angel!!! Also it should not weigh down the balloon, that is key, do not make it to heavy or it won't go far. And people Gabi is really looking forward to getting her hot pink balloons:)

This is your friendly reminder for the big day tomorrow. We have had so many people respond and we are so excited for all the people who will be celebrating with us. I have to be very honest though, we are not really looking forward to the actual event. We are so heart broken and feel such emptiness in our hearts. Gabi changed our lives forever and we just wish we were able to celebrate with her here.
This has been a very challenging week for us. We try so hard to continue to focus on all the positive, but when your first child together is no longer a part of your everyday life it is absolutely misable. I have tried so hard to be strong, but I am a complete mess inside and I think it is becoming apparent on the outside.
We have so much to look forward to with Miss Kinsley, but it makes us miss our Gabbers that much more. We will definitely share with Kinsley all the joy that Gabi brought into our lives. We will teach her what Gabi taught us. She will be a very appreciative little girl and more importantly she will have a very special angel at her side at all times.
The hardest part about this whole thing is that the entire world continues to go on around us and we try really hard to keep up, but we just wish we'd of been able to freeze time. I want to go back to a happier time when Gabi was at home with us. How do you completely fulfill life and keep going??? We have our faith in God and we know he will get us through this, but can we ever truly get through this?

Please do not stop reading here, Jason posted below yesterday. He is such an amazing person, we are so blessed to have each other. I couldn't of asked for more in my life partner, he truly is my soul mate. Jason, I love you with all my heart and there is no doubt in my mind we will find happiness. We had the most amazing little girl in our lives, she touched our hearts and made us better people. I am so glad we had the chance to experience what life really is all about!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gabbers!!! Your mommy and daddy are missing you terribly so be sure to let them know you get their balloon message!!!! Love, Aunt Laurie

Deb in OPKS said...

Our Gabby celebrated her birthday today and we have her party tomorrow. I will be thinking about Angel Gabi tomorrow. Such a beautiful girl. We call our Gabby Gabbers sometimes also. If you'd like, please stop by and visit.

Keeping your pregnancy and family in my prayers and hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Gabi!! Popi & I have your ballons all ready to send to you. I love you so much little angel and miss you everyday!! I'm holding you in my heart until I see you again.
Love Mimi

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I know I'm early but I worked all night last night and have to work again all night tonight so I will be sleeping during the actual balloon release time. So anyhow, here is our release:

I'll send you the link to the pictures so you can pick and choose which ones you want.

Happy Birthday Gabi!

Isabella said...

Happy Birthday angel baby. You are loved and missed.
Matt, Megan, Abby, Maddy and Bella