Monday, January 28, 2008

Under Major Construction...

Jason and I are finally getting around to constructing our website for Gifts of Gabi's Grace Foundation. We have been talking about doing it for a long time, but never actually find the time. We spent the weekend in Indy, with nothing to do...can I tell you how lost we were. A weekend where we had no running all over God's green earth. Now I know we bring alot of that on ourselves, but geeze of petes was it nice to not be on a schedule. Anyways, we relaxed around the apartment and we were very lazy. The weather was nice on Sunday so we took Sadi to the park...she must have been confused or something. We thought it would be great exercise for her since we are in such a small space right now, ding dong was more interested in checkin out all the doggie doo than she was fetching the ball.
Sunday evening we spent working on our website. The new look is not yet published, we hope to have it done tomorrow. I will definitely be posting as soon as we do. I am very pleased with what we have so far. It is a perfect reflection of Miss Gabber Goo...Pretty and Pink:) what else would you expect.
One last thing for those of you who want to see more belly pics. I promise to have more up within the next 3 days! So stayed tuned for new and exciting things to keep you distracted when you are at work or home when you should be cleaning:)


The Bryant Family said...

A day with nothing to do ??? What is that like?