Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photos for Fun, Photos for Everyone

Pictures with Family and Friends... Great Gram
Great Gramps
Aunt Gigi
Mema Acker
Papa Acker
Aunt Laurie and Sofia
Mimi Crawford

Aunt Tami
Papi Nastasio
Uncle Michael
Uncle Freddie
Mema, Mimi, and Mommy

Not sure why, but I don't have a picutre with Papi Crawford...Mimi has some, I just need her to send them to me:)

Just for fun...

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Long Weekend...

For the most part we just enjoyed being with our family this weekend. Nothing to excited, Jason had to work all weekend and well I am still taking it easy. I have a few pics to download, so I will post again later this week.

I have finally decided it is time for Tough Love with Kinsley. It breaks my heart to hear her scream and cry, but we are working on getting a schedule and momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do! Today she did great, up most of the day, I am hoping tonight will be just the opposite...we'll see she dozing in and out right now. I cannot even begin to explain just how much I have fallen in love with her. She is definitely mommy's girl, we have a special little bond going on...what else would you expect though when the kid is attached to me 80% of the day:)

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

I do have one prayer request...Jason's 2nd cousin, Stanley passed away Sunday night. He had been suffering from cerebral palsy since birth. He wasn't expected to live more than 5 years, but thanks to the loving care his grandma and grandpa gave him, he made it almost 18 years. We are all comforted in knowing that he is no longer suffering. And of course as I have said before he has one of the best tour guides anyone could ask for...our Miss Gabi.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 week later...

I figured most of you would appreciate more pics of our little sweet pea! This last week has been extremely exhausting. We are still working on the night and day thing, I have a feeling it is gonna be a hard one to change...anyone have any fabulous things that worked for them? Also she eats nonstop. If she continues to go at it the way she does, I am afraid my body will not be able to handle it. Sometimes she will eat for 2 hours at a time, talk about, I can't even begin to describe that feeling. Anyways we go to the pediatrician tomorrow for her newborn checkup. Hopefully the doc will give me some great ideas on the feeding and the sleeping. Other than that she is just as cute as can be and we love every second of her.

Oh I almost forgot...aftern Jason got off work last night he went and scooped up Gracie, she is staying with us for the summer. We flip with her mommy during the summer time. We are soooooo excited to have her with us. And this is the perfect opportunity for her and Kins to create that special bond:)

As you can see in the pictures below, she is quite the little Anne Geddes baby, always curled up in a little ball. Or then there is the total opposite when she is completely sprawled out...either way she is just the cutest little love bug...ENJOY!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I cannot even begin to tell just how blessed we feel. We had so many fears and worries that we would not be able to care for Kinsley the way a good mommy and daddy would, because we missed Gabi so much. Don't get me wrong Jason and I have so much love to give, but we often doubt ourselves and what we are capable of giving. Our relationship with Gracie has been at the top of our priorities, it is so important to us that she never feels any negative emotions that have come with our experience. We have taught her it's ok to cry, it's ok to be sad, but most importantly we have taught her just how precious life is. Jason and I are so in love with our Swwet Pea Kinsley and I think we definitely have a deeper appreciation for her because of our Sweet Angel Gabi. Thank you Gabi for being such an amazing impact on mommy and daddy!

So as Jason has been promising, here are more pics for your enjoyment. Thank you again for wishing us well. I will try not to wait as long in between the next post...I have been so exhausted, can't imagine why...I do love it though:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Going Home

Well, today is the big day and we couldn't be more excited. We finally get to take our new little girl home. Sorry we haven't posted again since delivery day but there hasn't been much rest for either one of us the past couple of nights. I know I know....get used to it right! haha
Well by popular demand here are some more pictures of Kinsley Addyson. We want to also say thank you so much for all the comments and well wishes. It is so amazing to us that through all of this we still have so many people following a long with us through our journey. As many of you know this journey is just beginning. Kinsley will keep us busy but it will not take us from our focus on building Gabi's foundation. In fact it will probably fuel our emotion to make sure that the foundation gets up and running quicker now.

So now that the new addition is here no turning off our blog...there will be much much more to come. Thanks again to everyone, you've been amazing!

Well I'm not as good at this as mommy is so maybe when we get home today she'll be able to put some more pictures on here!

Thanks again for everything you've all been great.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the Angels Dance!

Kinsley Addyson Acker was born at 12:20pm. She came out 6lbs 8oz's and 19.5 inches long. And a beautiful head of long black hair!

Here is our beautiful new addition!

And a special I love you from Kinsley's big sister Gracie!

The Journey Finally Begins

Someone must of said some really good prayers! They called us back around 7:10am and said they were ready for us.

So we are now up at St. Lukes Northland in Labor and Delivery. This is a little different experience being in an actual delivery room vs waiting in a room at KU Med. Don't get me wrong the people at KU Med were wonderful and it was an amazing experience. Just kinda nice to go through a typical delivery!

7:51 AM -

So as I type this the first update came through. She is actually dialated to a 3 and about 50% effaced which is fantastic according to the nurse. Just means she is progressing on her own more than they thought. They are going to be giving her the pitocin to induce her here in a few minutes.

8:05 AM -

Pitocin has been started via IV so fingers crossed it starts having an effect very soon. I'll let everyone know as soon as I can.

8:52 AM -

The water has been broken! We are moving right along. Her contractions are only about 2 minutes apart, but we're still only dialted to a 3 so it may still be some time but we are at least moving in the right direction and the Dr. is very optimistic. I think we may have even talked her into allowing my mom to stay in the room with us as well when she delivers. Poor woman only had two boys so hasn't been able to experience a birth in 30 years! haha.

Quick Shout Outs:

Claudia in Germany - Micah tried to comment on your blog but with it being in German she couldn't figure out how to publish the comment. She is a little preoccupied right now but wanted me to let you know she is going to get in touch with you very soon.

Amy, Kristy, and Tammy - We want to say thank you to you because we know Gabi has recruited your beautiful angels to come and help us through this day!

Mama's in pain so I better go....until the next update..ttfn!

10:45 AM - baby yet but man are things getting exciting. We just got the epideral in because mama was in some incredible pain. Things are a little better now, still having contractions so that is a plus the epi didn't stop everything. She is dialated to about a 7 to 8 now so things are moving very nicely. That silly Dr. couldn't get the epi in the right place the first time and she had to stay all waded up for too long. She is relaxing a little now but pretty sure it isn't going to last long. Stay tuned!

11:37 AM -

Micah is feeling good, she is actually getting some rest now. She is still having consistent contractions but only feels a slight pressure now. I know many of you are following so just wanted to give you a heads up that mama is resting. They are going to check and see how far she is dialated at noon so unless something else happens that will be the next update.

11:51 AM -

Micah was feeling some pressure so I had them come in and check her and she is dialted to close to 9cm! They are going to come in and check her again in about 15 mins. They think things will start to happen pretty fast so my next post may be for a new baby! fingers crossed. Each contraction they said is really pushing Kinsley down....Keep the prayers coming that we deliver naturally and don't have to go in for a C section.

12:02 PM -

Just checked again and she is almost complete. They are going to check her again in 10 minutes and they think she'll be ready to push. They are getting the baby bed and warmer going so all the signs are pointing to things getting started on the push side here in about 10 to 15 minutes. We are so extremely excited and nervous!

1st Hurddle!

First off I want to say thank you to all of you for the prayers and well wishes on such an exciting and emotional day for us.

So as with anything done in true Acker fashion it hasn't even started out as smoothly as we would like. Micah got a phone call this morning around 5:55 AM from a nurse saying that something had gone wrong with scheduling or someone had called in sick but they were to understaffed this morning for us to come in. So they said for us to just sit tight and someone should be calling us around 8:30 or 9:00 this morning to either schedule it for later or to go ahead and have us come in.

As you can imagine we didn't sleep a lick last night and this is not how we wanted to start a morning that is supposed to be such a happy and exciting day for us.

So as with anything else in our lives I'm sure this will prove to be an interesting day, so stay tuned!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Game Plan...

I just got back from my final appointment. We discussed our options and decided that we are going to induce on Wednesday morning at 6:30 am! I am so excited, I will finally get to hold my little sweet pea. And I will be able to breath...daddy and I will be relieved. As excited as we are we still have our fears that will not go away until we are able to see her for ourselves.

So unless she decides on her own to make her grand entrance between now and then, it looks as if Wednesday, May 14th will be a huge day of celebration for us! As things progress I will be updating, obviously I will be taking my laptop...I have to share her with the world. Thank you for your continuous love, support, and prayers!

Precious Angel Ava Rae...

A candle is lite in memory of Ava, she shines on as one of God's special Angels!

Ava Rae, may your spirit live in our hearts forever! We are thinking of you today, and always.
Nate, Amy, and Kaden, I wish nothing more than for you to find peace and happiness. This is the beginning of a long journey, but God will grant you what your so righteously deserve. Sorry we were unable to be with you today, but know that we are in thought! We love you guys and we are here for you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Waiting Game...

At yesterdays appointment, I knew what to expect, but I was still hoping to hear what I such luck! The ultrasound went great, Kinsley is weighing in around 6 lbs 12 oz, give or take 20% either way. I am still only dilated to 1 cm. For some reason the kid really likes it in there, I keep telling her it would be better out here. Now with that being said we will go back in on Monday. If I have dilated anymore than we will schedule to induce on Wednesday, if not then we will schedule to induce on Friday. I, obviously, am really hoping for Wednesday, but more than likely I see it being Friday. Reason doc wants to induce is because if Kinsley continues to grow at the rate she is then she will definitely be to big for me to deliver naturally. We are trying to get around the cesarean, but whatever happens happens!

There is still a chance she could come on her own, before any of those days. My wish was to have her here before tomorrow. I have a feeling it is going to be a pretty rough day. I miss Gabi so much and I wish I could spend the day with her. I thought that if Kins came early it would help ease a little pain. Either way though, I had the most amazing experience with the most beautiful little angel and I am about to experience the most precious gift all over again, so I am very thankful! My girls are my strength and I can thank no one for that but God!

Tomorrow as all you mommies out there are spending time with your children, be thankful for the God's most precious gifts we can experience here on earth! And for mommies like me, who have been touched by an angel, give thanks for the most precious memories we have and the strength that our children still continue to give us from afar. God chose us as there moms for a reason and I believe we are lucky for that, although it is heavy on the heart, we can shine through just as our babies did!

Happy Mothers Day...hugs to all:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayers for the Boeckman Family

I do not have details but another angel has joined Gabi and her friends. It is so sad for me to be posting this, it is just not fair! I have posted about baby Ava before, she has been in the PICU since Jan.31, well today she lost her fight. I would greatly appreciate anyone and everyone to say an extra prayer for their entire family. They are very special to us and this is the last thing we thought we'd be posting. Please visit their blog and let them know you are thinking about them

Ava Rae, precious baby girl, may she rest in peace...we will see her again someday, but until then she will NEVER be forgotten!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

38 weeks...are we there yet???

Obviously still no Kinsley, but she is definitely getting in position. I have never been so uncomfortable. I believe she continues to grow and me well...I am not! So I feel like I am stretched to the max. So here we are only 14 days to go. I get this feeling though it will be no later than Friday. Our appointment this week is on Friday and we are having an ultrasound, to get her exact measurements. The plan is to go as long as I can, but my doc is concerned with my small statue. We are going to do everything we can to deliver naturally, well I say that but I will be having an epidural. But if Kins is to big my doc doesn't want to take any chances, we will do a cesarean. I am definitely not a fan of being sliced open, but I do want whats best for the both of us. I wish I was brave enough to try it without the drugs, but I am scared enough about labor, the last thing I want to fear is the pain. Gabi was induced, so we knew when all was going on...this time is different, the not knowing freaks me out. I pretty much have been staying at home, I only leave if I have to. Which I gotta tell ya, I have been bored out of my mind. Watching lots of movies, and just resting but at this point I figure that is very important, so I guess it's not to terrible.

Hopefully the next post will be pictures of our beautiful baby girl...say some prayers for us!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

She thinks she is in control...

Todays appointment went as I expected, nothing to report! I am still only dilated to a 1, but my cervix is softening more. Next week I will be having an ultrasound to find out Kinsley's exact measurements. The doc did say be prepared and have a plan, just in case. That is encouraging, but I am going to try really hard to not get my hopes up. My doctor also kept teasing me because she is on call this weekend, so she kept saying, I'll see you this weekend to deliver...oh I hope so, but I seriously doubt it. Kinsley seems to be pretty comfy. I keep telling her it is definitely much better for both of us if she is out here:)

Thank you to all for your comments about the new look of the blog. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I still have quite a bit I'd like to do to it. Always fun to freshen things up:)