Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Journey Finally Begins

Someone must of said some really good prayers! They called us back around 7:10am and said they were ready for us.

So we are now up at St. Lukes Northland in Labor and Delivery. This is a little different experience being in an actual delivery room vs waiting in a room at KU Med. Don't get me wrong the people at KU Med were wonderful and it was an amazing experience. Just kinda nice to go through a typical delivery!

7:51 AM -

So as I type this the first update came through. She is actually dialated to a 3 and about 50% effaced which is fantastic according to the nurse. Just means she is progressing on her own more than they thought. They are going to be giving her the pitocin to induce her here in a few minutes.

8:05 AM -

Pitocin has been started via IV so fingers crossed it starts having an effect very soon. I'll let everyone know as soon as I can.

8:52 AM -

The water has been broken! We are moving right along. Her contractions are only about 2 minutes apart, but we're still only dialted to a 3 so it may still be some time but we are at least moving in the right direction and the Dr. is very optimistic. I think we may have even talked her into allowing my mom to stay in the room with us as well when she delivers. Poor woman only had two boys so hasn't been able to experience a birth in 30 years! haha.

Quick Shout Outs:

Claudia in Germany - Micah tried to comment on your blog but with it being in German she couldn't figure out how to publish the comment. She is a little preoccupied right now but wanted me to let you know she is going to get in touch with you very soon.

Amy, Kristy, and Tammy - We want to say thank you to you because we know Gabi has recruited your beautiful angels to come and help us through this day!

Mama's in pain so I better go....until the next update..ttfn!

10:45 AM - baby yet but man are things getting exciting. We just got the epideral in because mama was in some incredible pain. Things are a little better now, still having contractions so that is a plus the epi didn't stop everything. She is dialated to about a 7 to 8 now so things are moving very nicely. That silly Dr. couldn't get the epi in the right place the first time and she had to stay all waded up for too long. She is relaxing a little now but pretty sure it isn't going to last long. Stay tuned!

11:37 AM -

Micah is feeling good, she is actually getting some rest now. She is still having consistent contractions but only feels a slight pressure now. I know many of you are following so just wanted to give you a heads up that mama is resting. They are going to check and see how far she is dialated at noon so unless something else happens that will be the next update.

11:51 AM -

Micah was feeling some pressure so I had them come in and check her and she is dialted to close to 9cm! They are going to come in and check her again in about 15 mins. They think things will start to happen pretty fast so my next post may be for a new baby! fingers crossed. Each contraction they said is really pushing Kinsley down....Keep the prayers coming that we deliver naturally and don't have to go in for a C section.

12:02 PM -

Just checked again and she is almost complete. They are going to check her again in 10 minutes and they think she'll be ready to push. They are getting the baby bed and warmer going so all the signs are pointing to things getting started on the push side here in about 10 to 15 minutes. We are so extremely excited and nervous!


Anonymous said...

How exciting you all will be in our prayers for a fast and safe delivery.
Joanie Thomas and gang

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to hear that shes finally here. Give Micah hugs for me.

Love you guys,

Pam said...

Yay!!! I have been thinking of you guys all morning, and couldn't get through Rhett's feeds and meds fast enough to get down on the computer and check up on you!!!

I will be checking in all day.....

Keeping you in our prayers!

Pam and Rhett

Isabella said...

All I can say is YEAH!!! I can't wait. Things seem to be moving right along. Sounds like she was actually going into labor on her own. That will make the induction quicker and easier. Can't wait to see pics!!!
Love and Prayers

Anonymous said...

I woke up and you guys were on my mind. I wanted to call soooo bad! I am so excited. I know that this is going to be such a beautiful day for you. Hey Micah, Our angles gave you a beautiful sunny day to celebrate Kinsley's arrival. I love you guys, please give Kinsley a kiss for me as soon as she gets here:)


The Bryant Family said...

I am checking in on you as strong, soon you will have a precious littl girl in your arms...after all this time of waiting. Pushing good thoughts and prayers your way.!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I'm guessing maybe she's here or some major pushing is going on since there hasn't been an update recently!!! Can't wait to see her!!! Love you guys! Laurie

Kaden and Ava's mommy said...

Just to let you know, our family is thinking and praying for you guys. We all know that she has many angels watching over her.

Nate, Amy, Kaden and sweet angel Ava

Mia hat eins mehr! said...

I wish you all the best and a quick and easy delivery! Hope all goes well and finally another little wonderful person may receive a warm welcome to our world!


PS. The german word to publish a comment on blogspot sites is "Veröffentlichen" ;-)

Cherie said...

OK....I'm obsessed with'd better call us at school as soon as you can! 785-438-4660!! YEAH!!! I want to tell Gracie so bad...actually she just walked back here to tell me she might be born today..and I told her you guys were at the hospital...that's all I said...she is soooooo pumped!!! HURRY!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, I'm glued to your blog. I can't wait to hear that Kinsley has safely arrived, and Mommy is doing fabulously!!! I'm so excited for you, and our angels have given you the nicest day to meet your sweet pea. I'm thinking about ya and praying for you!!! Love you guys!!!
~Tammy Lister~

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I'll be checking in periodically to watch for updates. It is very sweet of you all to share your experience as it happens with us! Sounds like things are going pretty smoothly. Keep up the good work, Micah!

Anonymous said...

Tell her to hang in there! I know everything will be fine!! I'm guessing, 12:15 give or take a few minutes!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Michah! I am praying for a safe delivery! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Kins!


Anonymous said...

I am guessing 12:47


Isabella said...

Stay strong you are almost to the finish line.
Any minute you will have that sweet baby in your arms!!

RK said...

Braska and I are so excited to see little miss Kinsley. Praying things go smoothly and quickly so you can hold her very soon!

Anonymous said...

My guess is 12:38!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you guys the best!! My prayers are with you!!


Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

I am so thrilled and excited for you!!! Best prayers your way!
Hugs, Kitty