Monday, March 26, 2007

Big Girl...

Well, we visited Dr. Kelley today. As I mentioned yesterday our goal was 8lbs. and as always she pulled through for mom. My baby girl is 8lbs. 1oz. and 20in. long. Daddy and I were so excited. She had to get her 2 month shots and I made Daddy come so he could hold her. I can't stand watching her in pain. She fussed a bit, but it happened so quickly it didn't last long. All in all it was a good day and we are so happy we are on the right track.

Such a sweet baby....
We love watching her sleep, such a cutie!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What an Exciting Week...Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

Our Newest Edition... IZZY BUGGLES

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!! Today is Gracie's 6th b-day. What a big girl she is turning into. Yesterday we had a party for her. She had a great day..we would never spoil her or anything! We rented a big moonwalk and had friends and family over. I think the adults enjoyed the moonwalk just as much as the kids! The kids decorated their own cupcakes which I highly suggest to anyone. I have to give credit to Ginger though...she is pretty smart when it comes to this kiddie stuff..don't tell her I said that though...hahaha!
This has been quite a week for us. Gracie was on her spring break, so she got to spend the week with us. We had a lot of fun! I think the best part for her was her birthday present. Daddy, Gabi, and myself got her a puppy. As if the pictures didn't give that away. She is a boston terrier pug, they call her a BUG. What a cutie! Gracie named her Izzy. We orginally thought we would wait until the summer to get Gracie a puppy, but I had the bright idea of doing it early. As if taking care of Gabi isn't enough for me right now. Oh well, Gracie was surprised, she didn't even think it was hers when she first saw her. She thought it was Uncle Mike's. He brought her to us, she was about 2 hours from us and she was practically in Mike's backyard...worked out perfect! So most of the week Gracie was busy taking care of her new baby. Which was nice because Daddy and I actually got to hold Gabi while Gracie was here. Typically we have to beg Gracie to let us hold Gabi when she stays with's sweet, she never want to let go of sissy.
Gabi had a weigh in on Monday, she was 7lbs.11oz. Tomorrow we go for another check up. Our goal weight is 8lbs. I set that goal, so hopefully we can go in and achieve it! She still has not had to use the NG feeding tube, she is still eating very well. She has to get her 2 month shots tomorrow, she is not gonna like me after that appointment. She has to get 3 shots and has to take some oral something, not sure what it is just know there is 1 thing that is oral.

Me and Uncle Mike, this was our first time to meet. I didn't think he wasn't so big, he seemed pretty cuddley to me. I wonder why Daddy calls him Big Mike???

It was an exciting week for Daddy too! He has quite a few proposals out and tomorrow and Tuesday we are waiting to seal the deal on 2 of them. This has been very exciting starting our own business, but very trying on us. We know it take times to get things up and going but we want it so bad right NOW!

This is a pretty good update...enjoy the pictures, I do!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sweet Escape...

Hip Hip Hooray...Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

We finally made it home. It was an interesting 4 days at the hospital but all probably well worth it. They inserted the NG tube through her nasal passage on Wednesday. This was not a good day for mommy as she almost had to leave the room. At the end of the 4 days it was with good reason as we never once had to use the tube to supplement her feeding. Gabi did amazing the entire time we were there. Micah and I are convinced that a big part of it was increasing her calories from 24 to 26. It basically made her formula like eating oatmeal with no milk...she didn't like it and it didn't set well. We dropped back to 24 calories and the kid has been eating like a champ. It was a rough few days but Micah was amazing. She stayed at the hospital with Gabi every day except for her last night there. The only reason she didn't stay the last night is because Gracie wanted a girls night so her and Micah went home to sleep in the comfortable confines of our King Size bed and dad had the opportunity to stay the night with Gabi. We did great. At the end of our day there today they had to teach us how to insert the NG tube through her nasal passage. Micah decided to suck it up and give it a shot. She knew she had to learn if it was necessary to make Gabi strong. She inserted and tested the placement of the tube like a pro...even the nurses were impressed with how easily she placed the tube. All of us were so excited to get home and all of us be together back at home.

We want to send out a sincere thank you to all of those that visited us at the hospital and to all of those that were sending out their prayers, they worked. Gabi performed like a champ and we couldn't feel more blessed to have the friends and family behind us the help us through this experience. We know with the continued support of all of you we are going to be just fine.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Mommy has had these pictures for a little while and forgot to post them. Check me out, I am becoming quite the self sufficient little girl.

Papa Acker took this pic. he sure is fun to look at, I love my Papa!

Snugglin with Daddy and Sissy is the best!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NG Feeding Tube

This morning we had to bring Gabi to the hospital for a short visit. Hopefully we will be able to leave friday, but that would be the earliest. She will be hooked up to the NG feeding tube, which will stay in until her heart surgery. The tube will be used as a supplement since she does not eat enough. This should beef her up some. Because we had to go this direction, looks like it will buy her an earlier surgery date, but it has not been set yet. Only one parent is allowed to stay with her, so of course that would be me. Daddy is here most of the time, but he does have to work. Lucky for him he gets to sleep in the big comfy bed at home while Iget a chair/bed, oh well she is worth the discomfort. Guess I will just have to get a massage next week! I will definitely keep up with updates, I don't have a whole lot to do at the hospital except watch my baby sleep. Say a little prayer for our sweet angel!

Monday, March 12, 2007

2 months later...

I cannot believe my baby girl is 2 months old today! She amazes us more and more each day. She stares at me, Daddy, and Gracie a lot, she smiles, sometimes she even least that what we call it. Before you know it she will be saying MOMMY, that WILL be her first word!

She had a big day on Sunday. At church she had her baby dedication. Instead of baptizing her when she has no clue what that means, we decided to dedicate ourselves to raising her in a good christian home. Then when she is old enough to make her own decisions she can chose to accept Christ and be baptized. It was a very simple little ceremony especially for her. She got a new little dress for the occassion, she was quite the little diva. And for the first time she was awake throughout the entire service. Our pastor said a special prayer for her and us and got a little choked up, it was so ssweet. It is a day we will always remember!
Today we went for another big weigh in. It was not so good, she weighed 7lbs. 5oz. she did not gain the 3-4oz. we needed. Dr. Kelley thinks it is not related to an eating problem he thinks is all is because of her heart. She just works so hard, poor baby! So I called the cardiologist, Dr. Parthiban, but she was out today, so I am waiting for a call tomorrow morning. I am really anticipating the call, I know what to expect, I just don't want to accept it. More than likely we will be in the hopsital this work for the feeding tube. I will keep everyone posted. Dr. Kelley did say he wouldn't be surprised if we had surgery prior to what we were told last. So we appreciate the contiuous prayers for our little angel!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Our Sweet Angel

Sissy took me picture... ain't I cute!
It's been about a week, so I figured it was time for an update. We got so excited with last weeks weight gain, that I think someone has forgotten she needs to keep eating in order to pack on more weight. We visited the cardiologist yesterday. Gabi has only gained 3oz. since last Thursday. It's good because she is on the right track, but bad because she is not gaining enough. We need to see her gain more like an ounce a day, so we increased her caloric intake to 26 calories per feeding. Hopefully this will help, but the true test will be on Monday when we go for a weight check. Yesterday she weighed in at 7lbs. 5oz., if she doesn't not gain 3-4oz. then she will be put in the hospital for tube feeding. When she is in the hospital Jason and I will learn how to tube feed her and once we are comfortable doing it she can come home. It sounds very scarey to me, but I will do whatever it take to get my baby to a healthier place. I asked a lot more about when they think she will go in for surgery. The cardiologist says, ideally they would like Gabi to be 11lbs., but if we do not reach that weight by 4 months of age, then that will be the time we do it. So it looks like May will be a big month for us, hopefully sooner though. Gabi is not in any pain, she just has to work harder! I just want her to be at ease and at a point she can grow and we don't have to worry about any set back. Right now the set back is her heart, she gets tired very quickly and that is why she is not eating as well. She uses so much energy just breath, poor baby has nothing left to grow at least not as much as we need.

I have been a bit emotional lately. I am coming to the reality that my baby is going to have a major surgery soon. I know she will be just fine, but the thought of them working on her heart is overwhelming. Jason, Gracie, Gabi, and myself have been attending church regularly and it helps keep things in the right prospective. We are constantly praying for Gabi's health, but it is still very tough on my heart...emotionally! This little girl has given me a new outlook on life, she is making me a better person. She may only be 8 weeks old, but she has been a part of me for almost a year, she is my special angel and I will forever be thankful she came into our lives.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Chunky Monkey...

We went back in today for another weigh in. Gabi weighs 7lbs. 2oz. Wow I can't believe how much she has gained in a week and a half almost an entire pound...that's my little Chunky Monkey :) It is as if she just figured out what her tummy is for. I was so excited for the gain I almost cried at the doctors office. Our cardiologist would like her to be 11lbs. before surgery, so she still has a bit more to gain, but at least now we are on the right track.