Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NG Feeding Tube

This morning we had to bring Gabi to the hospital for a short visit. Hopefully we will be able to leave friday, but that would be the earliest. She will be hooked up to the NG feeding tube, which will stay in until her heart surgery. The tube will be used as a supplement since she does not eat enough. This should beef her up some. Because we had to go this direction, looks like it will buy her an earlier surgery date, but it has not been set yet. Only one parent is allowed to stay with her, so of course that would be me. Daddy is here most of the time, but he does have to work. Lucky for him he gets to sleep in the big comfy bed at home while Iget a chair/bed, oh well she is worth the discomfort. Guess I will just have to get a massage next week! I will definitely keep up with updates, I don't have a whole lot to do at the hospital except watch my baby sleep. Say a little prayer for our sweet angel!