Sunday, March 25, 2007

What an Exciting Week...Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

Our Newest Edition... IZZY BUGGLES

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!! Today is Gracie's 6th b-day. What a big girl she is turning into. Yesterday we had a party for her. She had a great day..we would never spoil her or anything! We rented a big moonwalk and had friends and family over. I think the adults enjoyed the moonwalk just as much as the kids! The kids decorated their own cupcakes which I highly suggest to anyone. I have to give credit to Ginger though...she is pretty smart when it comes to this kiddie stuff..don't tell her I said that though...hahaha!
This has been quite a week for us. Gracie was on her spring break, so she got to spend the week with us. We had a lot of fun! I think the best part for her was her birthday present. Daddy, Gabi, and myself got her a puppy. As if the pictures didn't give that away. She is a boston terrier pug, they call her a BUG. What a cutie! Gracie named her Izzy. We orginally thought we would wait until the summer to get Gracie a puppy, but I had the bright idea of doing it early. As if taking care of Gabi isn't enough for me right now. Oh well, Gracie was surprised, she didn't even think it was hers when she first saw her. She thought it was Uncle Mike's. He brought her to us, she was about 2 hours from us and she was practically in Mike's backyard...worked out perfect! So most of the week Gracie was busy taking care of her new baby. Which was nice because Daddy and I actually got to hold Gabi while Gracie was here. Typically we have to beg Gracie to let us hold Gabi when she stays with's sweet, she never want to let go of sissy.
Gabi had a weigh in on Monday, she was 7lbs.11oz. Tomorrow we go for another check up. Our goal weight is 8lbs. I set that goal, so hopefully we can go in and achieve it! She still has not had to use the NG feeding tube, she is still eating very well. She has to get her 2 month shots tomorrow, she is not gonna like me after that appointment. She has to get 3 shots and has to take some oral something, not sure what it is just know there is 1 thing that is oral.

Me and Uncle Mike, this was our first time to meet. I didn't think he wasn't so big, he seemed pretty cuddley to me. I wonder why Daddy calls him Big Mike???

It was an exciting week for Daddy too! He has quite a few proposals out and tomorrow and Tuesday we are waiting to seal the deal on 2 of them. This has been very exciting starting our own business, but very trying on us. We know it take times to get things up and going but we want it so bad right NOW!

This is a pretty good update...enjoy the pictures, I do!