Thursday, March 8, 2007

Our Sweet Angel

Sissy took me picture... ain't I cute!
It's been about a week, so I figured it was time for an update. We got so excited with last weeks weight gain, that I think someone has forgotten she needs to keep eating in order to pack on more weight. We visited the cardiologist yesterday. Gabi has only gained 3oz. since last Thursday. It's good because she is on the right track, but bad because she is not gaining enough. We need to see her gain more like an ounce a day, so we increased her caloric intake to 26 calories per feeding. Hopefully this will help, but the true test will be on Monday when we go for a weight check. Yesterday she weighed in at 7lbs. 5oz., if she doesn't not gain 3-4oz. then she will be put in the hospital for tube feeding. When she is in the hospital Jason and I will learn how to tube feed her and once we are comfortable doing it she can come home. It sounds very scarey to me, but I will do whatever it take to get my baby to a healthier place. I asked a lot more about when they think she will go in for surgery. The cardiologist says, ideally they would like Gabi to be 11lbs., but if we do not reach that weight by 4 months of age, then that will be the time we do it. So it looks like May will be a big month for us, hopefully sooner though. Gabi is not in any pain, she just has to work harder! I just want her to be at ease and at a point she can grow and we don't have to worry about any set back. Right now the set back is her heart, she gets tired very quickly and that is why she is not eating as well. She uses so much energy just breath, poor baby has nothing left to grow at least not as much as we need.

I have been a bit emotional lately. I am coming to the reality that my baby is going to have a major surgery soon. I know she will be just fine, but the thought of them working on her heart is overwhelming. Jason, Gracie, Gabi, and myself have been attending church regularly and it helps keep things in the right prospective. We are constantly praying for Gabi's health, but it is still very tough on my heart...emotionally! This little girl has given me a new outlook on life, she is making me a better person. She may only be 8 weeks old, but she has been a part of me for almost a year, she is my special angel and I will forever be thankful she came into our lives.