Friday, April 29, 2011

A Year Ago...REALLY

Gifts of Gabi's Grace

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have last posted. Life sure has been busy. But the one thing I want all of you to now is that in that year we finally received our 501 C 3 status and Gifts of Gabi's Grace is a nonprofit organization. I am so proud of what we have done in the past in Gabi's honor, but I cannot wait to see what this can do for the future. We are currently working hard at planning our FIRST ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT. It will be September 24th, 2011. There is much work to be done, but as soon as I have more info, other than the date I will post it! We are extremely excited about it! We are also revamping our website, which will provide all the info you will need to play, donate, or volunteer!

Thank you again for always remembering Gabi!! How blessed we are to have been touched by such an angel!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Update

It has been so long since I've been on here I may of forgotten what I am doing. Life is good, kids are getting big, and well we are so blessed!!! I thought some of you would appreciate some updated photos. I usually update on facebook, so that is why I have strayed from here, my apologizes.

Monday, January 11, 2010


On January 12th, 2007 we welcomed with open arms our first baby girl, Gabriele Sheridan. As a first time parent I was overwhelmed with the joy many of you have experienced. But I was also filled with much fear for I had no idea what her future would hold. I mean I was not scared of becoming a part of a new community but I was scared for all the unknowns of what people would say, how they would treat her, what would she be capable of on her own? It was all very honest things I feared for my child. I mean we were not gonna let Down Syndrome be what defined Gabi's future, but we were still fearful of how it could hold her back.
We quickly learned just how stubborn our little girl was, she had so much fight in her. Right away she was able to breastfeed, which we were told she likely wouldn't take to it for a while, because of D.S. We were told she would not develop as other children do. And up until the week before she had open heart surgery she was only one week behind from the "normal" children. I use that word very lightly, because I HATE IT!!! Who can truly define "normal"? Anyways, she had beat the odds that she was up against even as early as 5 months old, so we knew great things were in store for our baby girl.

I want to apologize for not continuing on her legacy as I planned with this blog. I admit I have become lazy. The days seem shorter, my life seems busier, and I always seem to find an excuse of something else I should do. Well I am not going to say this part of me will change, but as much as I enjoy blogging I find myself wanting to spend all my waking moments with Kinsley, can you blame me?!?!?

Gabi was sent from heaven I believe on short loan. I still believe she snuck away and when God did his head count he realized my little punky had gotten away so he was taking back what was rightfully his. Although I still would like to argue we could of given her the most amazing life here on earth, but God has bigger plans for her. I have come to truly believe this did not happen to us but for us. She has left an impact on my life that no other ever could of possibly done. I wasn't a bad person before, but I am definitely more giving and more thankful than I was. As parents we assume it is God's plan that we love and protect our children as he would. Well we did that and now we have a better relationship with him because of her. We did go through our times of doubt, but unless you have been in our situation, which I hope none of you have, you will never truly understand how one could not have such doubt on faith. I have come to peace knowing Gabi is with God and the other angels. I believe she is one of the heavenly hands that has played a huge role in Papa Acker's cancer miracle. He has nearly beat the odds, the doctors say he is a medical mystery...we say God and Gabi are working together and keeping Papa safe! God and Gabi also worked together in making sure Kinsley was created for Jason and I. As I have said on several occasions if it weren't for Kinsley I would be locked up in a looney bin somewhere! I like to think God and Gabi are on our side and they will work close together in keeping our family safe and healthy. We all continue to strive to be better, to serve the Lord better, and someday we will be reunited again.
I was always so scared of dying, but I can honestly say I am no longer scared. It is a reality of life, sometimes sooner than we plan. I know I have the most amazing little girl that will be there waiting for me. I cannot wait to hold her in my arms again. The picture above means so much to me. I know it has only been 2 1/2 years since her passing, but I forget how she feels, I forget how she touched me, to hug her and kiss her it is all such a distant memory. Nothing is worse than not remembering some of the most precious things we should cherish the most as our children grow up, or in my case as they move on to bigger and better places. I want nothing more than my heart to be filled with happiness. We were her chosen parents, whether she snuck away or not, she was ours for a reason. She and God knew we were the best for her and I thank God everyday for the days we had with her. I love harder, give thanks more, and appreicate this precious thing called life more!
So people live, love, and cherish those little ones and when they grow up to be big ones continue to live, love, and cherish the lifetime you've shared!

Happy Birthday my precious punky!!! I love you forever and ever


Monday, December 7, 2009

3rd Annual Santa's Little Helpers...DECEMBER 19th

Last year...time to collect for this year!

The last 2 years we have had an incredible response, we went from filling stockings the first year to filling gift bags last year. But it is all because of the overwhelming love and respect each of you have for our Gabi. Every Christmas since she has passed we have collected items to give to the children in the PICU at Children's Mercy. The way we see it, Children's Mercy gave us so such love, hope, and encouragement, during the most awful moments in our lives. That was the last place we held our daughter, the last place we hugged and kissed her. Although it is bittersweet to go to Children's Mercy, the fact is that is the last place she was and we want to give back. Now we can't do this on our own, so that is why I ask each year for your help.

Think of some of your best memories as a child, especially those memories of Christmas. How many of you spent it in the PICU, I hope none of you! These kids don't deserve to be in the hosptial at what is suppose to be such a magical time of year. So we like to spread a little cheer and hoilday spirit. And even if it only takes them away for a second to bring a smile to faces, that is all we wish for! Donations could be anything from coloring books and crayons, games, lip gloss, hot wheels, dolls, booties, hair bows, arts and crafts...we never know the ages of the children, but it can range from newborn to 17 years old..variety is what we go for. I usually buy out the dollar spot at Target. Or if you'd rather just send a buck or 2 that works too! We only have 2 weeks to collect items, so anything and everything is GREATLY appreciated!

Our little angel is counting on us to represent her well but we need your help. Thank you and God Bless!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Warning...You are about to view the CUTEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

3rd Annual Santa's Little Helpers

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. I do apologize, I have been so busy with cheerleading and then there is Kinsley. She is slowly becoming a big girl right before my eyes. She is AMAZING!!! She is starting to put words together making little sentences. She always wants to dance, color, and play with ALL her stuffed animals. I should say carry ALL of her stuffed animals around, and if she can't get them ALL I carry what she can't. We are potty training and she recognizes most of the time when she needs to go. She is soooooo proud when she does go, and of course so am I! She just turned 18 months, such a fun age, but it's a busy age.Gracie is staying busy with school. She has finally figured out why it is so important to do good the first time around. She has weekly spelling test and on Thursdays they have a pretest. If they get 100% they don't have to take the test on Friday, let's just say I think she has only taken one test on Friday. She just finished cheerleading for her little brothers team and now she is starting basketball. She is pretty pumped about bb, and I think Jason is more excited than ever, something he can really relate too.Now for the next topic at hand, 3rd Annual SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS!!! For the last 2 years we have stuffed stockings for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Childrens Mercy. We have had such an amazing response both years, so I am really looking forward to see how this year turns out. I am thinking we will deliver Saturday December 19th. That is not 100% confirmed but that is the date I am thinking will be best. That gives us 4 weeks to collect items. Remember we do not know until a couple days before what age groups we are collecting for, so it is important we get a little bit of everything. Mostly babies, a few tweens, and teens we also like to include something for the parents. These are some things we have collected in the past...coloring books and crayons, cross word puzzles, gift cards (McD's and movies tickets are great), hand held games, barbies, toy cars, lip gloss. The place I stock up the most is the dollar spot, you can find great items there for super cheap. We also accept monetary donations and then I take that and buy items suitable for the children/parents. I also like to take a tray of goodies for the nurses, so any bakers out there??? If you are interested in making any sort of donation, please contact me
It is a tough time of year for everyone Christmas can be overwhelming on top of all of our other expenses, but the think I always remind myself of is, the kids are in the hospital and no kid should ever have to spend Christmas in the hospital. So we need to bring a little cheer to their day, give them a stocking full of goodies, just let there minds be in another place for an hour or 2.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stepping Up for GABI'S GRACE

Our team raised $720, just $30 shy of my goal...which I was super excited about. The sun was shining and we were surrounded by our amazing family and friends! It was a great day and we couldn't of had more pride walking for our angel. Thank you again to those of you who walked as well as donated!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My favorite 2 cheerleaders

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Great Way to Start Your Monday!

What can I say, the girl loves music! And check out her new uniform, Great Grammy made it and she LOVES it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another eventful weekend...

Can you believe it, 2 days in a row I am on here!?! I figured instead of making a huge entry I would just start from the weekend. We are always on the go when Gracie is in school. But this was our last free weekend for a while. She starts cheerleading this next Saturday, which I am totally pumped about. She has been practicing really hard with her mom and me. When we practice though she asks if her motions are right and where she should be looking on certain is so cute. She actually listens to me too since I am a cheer coach.
So Saturday Kins and I picked up Gracie and went out to the Renaissance Festival, opening day. Gracie got to ride a pony, get a henna tattoo, and visit with Mimi and Papi....Kins and I were along for the ride. Jason had to work all day Saturday, so I have been trying to keep both girls entertained without hearing too much, "When's Daddy gonna be home?"Then Sunday was the annual Childrens Mercy Memorial Service. It was very bittersweet, this year they dedicated the 2008 quilt. The 2008 quilt is in memory of the children who passed in 2007. I had made a quilt block in memory of Gabi the quilt was beautiful. And the most special part is Gabi and Ava are right next to each other, just as they are in heaven...insert tears here :) The quilt will be hung in the hopsital on the wall near the cashiers counter in May of 2010. Be And each family gets to release a is such an amazing site to see when they are released.
Monday as a family, along with Uncle Freddie and Zach, Uncle Michael, Matt, Jess, and Joellen we all went to the Ren Fest. The kids got their faces painted, rode an elephant, jumped on a tampoline off bungies, ate turkey legs...let's just leave it at they got SPOILED!!! Oh and Kins got her new attire for the Ren Fest, she is so stinkin CUTE!!!