Tuesday, May 6, 2008

38 weeks...are we there yet???

Obviously still no Kinsley, but she is definitely getting in position. I have never been so uncomfortable. I believe she continues to grow and me well...I am not! So I feel like I am stretched to the max. So here we are only 14 days to go. I get this feeling though it will be no later than Friday. Our appointment this week is on Friday and we are having an ultrasound, to get her exact measurements. The plan is to go as long as I can, but my doc is concerned with my small statue. We are going to do everything we can to deliver naturally, well I say that but I will be having an epidural. But if Kins is to big my doc doesn't want to take any chances, we will do a cesarean. I am definitely not a fan of being sliced open, but I do want whats best for the both of us. I wish I was brave enough to try it without the drugs, but I am scared enough about labor, the last thing I want to fear is the pain. Gabi was induced, so we knew when all was going on...this time is different, the not knowing freaks me out. I pretty much have been staying at home, I only leave if I have to. Which I gotta tell ya, I have been bored out of my mind. Watching lots of movies, and just resting but at this point I figure that is very important, so I guess it's not to terrible.

Hopefully the next post will be pictures of our beautiful baby girl...say some prayers for us!


Kaden and Ava's mommy said...

How awesome would that be if you had her on Mother's Day!!! I started thinking about that today. It is good that you are resting, get all the rest you can because soon things will change. As for the epideral...what can I say...AWESOME!!! How I feel is that the epideral helps make you free from major pain which will make it easier for you to push which will be less stressful for Kinsley : )...right? That's what I tell myself anyway. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO!!! Well, rest, rest, rest. Can't wait to see pics.


Isabella said...

That would be so awesome if you had her Friday. I just can't wait to see that baby girl. She is going to be just so precious, like her big sisters. I really miss you. I am thinking that maybe over the summer we can come up for a visit where we actually have time to spend together. I promised the girls I would take them to the zoo. I am glad you got some "good" news rolling your way. I think things are going to start looking WAY up for you and Jason. Best of luck Friday. I will be waiting for my text!!!
Love and Prayers Always

Anonymous said...

You are so adorable! So excited for you guys. Thinking of you everyday:)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!! Saying lots of prayers for you guys. I know you can't wait to hold your baby girl in your arms. Kinsley is going to be so loved. I can't wait for her to be here and to finally meet her. I love you guys very much.


The Bryant Family said...

Good luck with the delivery. I will be thinking of you and checking in. I definately did the drugs....drugs are nice, pain is not so nice. Hang in there and prayers coming your way!

Mauzy said...

thinking of you!