Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Waiting Game...

At yesterdays appointment, I knew what to expect, but I was still hoping to hear what I such luck! The ultrasound went great, Kinsley is weighing in around 6 lbs 12 oz, give or take 20% either way. I am still only dilated to 1 cm. For some reason the kid really likes it in there, I keep telling her it would be better out here. Now with that being said we will go back in on Monday. If I have dilated anymore than we will schedule to induce on Wednesday, if not then we will schedule to induce on Friday. I, obviously, am really hoping for Wednesday, but more than likely I see it being Friday. Reason doc wants to induce is because if Kinsley continues to grow at the rate she is then she will definitely be to big for me to deliver naturally. We are trying to get around the cesarean, but whatever happens happens!

There is still a chance she could come on her own, before any of those days. My wish was to have her here before tomorrow. I have a feeling it is going to be a pretty rough day. I miss Gabi so much and I wish I could spend the day with her. I thought that if Kins came early it would help ease a little pain. Either way though, I had the most amazing experience with the most beautiful little angel and I am about to experience the most precious gift all over again, so I am very thankful! My girls are my strength and I can thank no one for that but God!

Tomorrow as all you mommies out there are spending time with your children, be thankful for the God's most precious gifts we can experience here on earth! And for mommies like me, who have been touched by an angel, give thanks for the most precious memories we have and the strength that our children still continue to give us from afar. God chose us as there moms for a reason and I believe we are lucky for that, although it is heavy on the heart, we can shine through just as our babies did!

Happy Mothers Day...hugs to all:)


Anonymous said...

May you have a blessed mothers day! We are praying for you guys!
Sending Prayers and Love, The Giffin's

crackerjacksMO said...

Happy Mother's Day!

RK said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Micah. We're pulling for Kinsley to show up for a fun Mom's Day surprise!

Jason & Katie said...

I know your Mother's Day will be filled with love, Micah! I will be thinking of you and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kinsley. Take care. Love, Katie

Isabella said...

I love the way you wrote this post. What a blessing Gabi was and always will be!! Just as I told Amy, God hand picked you to be her mommy. Your girls are so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring person as their mother!!
Oh I wish Kinsley would hurry up and get here. I just can't wait to see that baby girl!! Have a Blessed Mothers Day. My love and prayers will be with you.
Love Ya and Miss You

Mia hat eins mehr! said...

I also wish you a very happy mothers day. I got the link to your site by another mother of a lovely T21 child. We lost our little love 2.5 weeks ago due to pulmonary hypertension, she was only 9 months old. We also spent 2 months in hospitals and were scheduled to go home before it happened. I truly had the same thoughts about my girl as you have, and we were blessed with amazing babies. So your site helps me a lot to see that life can go on after loosing such a gift.

Love from germany

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that we saw a rainbow yesterday in Kansas City and all of our thoughts were consumed with Gabi when seeing the rainbow. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...


Happy Mother's Day! I am praying for a soon and speedy delivery for you! I bet you and Jason are getting very excited for Kins' arrival! Gabi was such a blessing to everyone---even people she did not know. I agree with Megan that you were handpicked by God to be Gabi's mom.


Mia hat eins mehr! said...

Once again it`s me, Claudia. I would like to put a link to your site on my site, I hope you don`t mind. I also would like to copy the "Even princesses can have DS"-button, because I like it so much!!! If you don`t want that, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, I hope you had a peaceful day! I'm excited for the little girl's arrival and knowing that it will probably be this week!! Yeah!

Love you guys! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great mothers day!