Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Better Hope For The Future...

Well it is official that 2007 has come and gone. We are really looking forward to a fresh new year. I have to say though as I sit back and reflect on 2007 I have so many mixed emotions. It started off as the best year of my life, but as you all know made a turn for the very worst. And although I wish to never go back to 2007, it will definitely be a year we will never forget. Our beautiful baby girl brought us so much joy and happiness. She was part of our lives for only a short time, but she made such an impact on us. I am so proud to be known as Gabi's Mommy! Our little angel has touched so many lives and we are so blessed for those who have come into our lives because of her.

Last night was very bittersweet. I tried so hard to be so excited for what is in store for us in 08, but it was as if I was saying good bye forever, and that is something I am definitely not prepared to do. Gabi was with us all night last night, I just know it! Her wind chimes were going crazy. And boy did that help mommy, I have been crying for the entire last week. I just miss her so much and it is so hard to accept that I will never hold her here in my arms. But I did tell Jason the other day, I used to fear my own death, but now I actually have something very special to look forward to. Sorry to get so deep, but it has been a while since I have expressed such deep emotions. And with the week I've had, it was bound to happen.

This is really cool though, last night we watched Dick Clarks Rock New Years, I secretly want to go to watch the big ball drop someday...Jason thinks I'm crazy, but I have always wanted to! Anyways after the ball dropped they were interviewing people in the crowd and they had back ground music playing, you will never believe what is was...Over the Rainbow, the Brother IZ version. That is the only that says...Hey, this one's for Gabi. Out of all the music that could of been played it was her special song, of course I teared up again! I really believe she is trying so hard to let us know she is is just so hard for us to comprehend when we knew how safe she was here with us.

Kinsley is one lucky little baby because I know big sis, Gabi, is constantly watching over and protecting her. As scared as I am to hold another baby the way I did Gabi, I know how much of a blessing she is and I am so thankful that our prayers were answered. Gabi was not healthy and as any parent would hope, she made the decision for us when she decided to go home to the Lord. As awful as that was she also left us a little something behind, her baby sister. So Gabi, Daddy and I thank you so much for all that you blessed us with. Mommy, Daddy, Big Sis Gracie, and Little Sis Kinsley love you so much!!!

On that note I hope everyone has a blessed 08 and please remember our precious angel, GABI

Don't forget to mark your calendars on January 12...Balloons for Gabi

We will be doing a hot pink balloons release at 12 pm central standard time in honor of our angel's first birthday. Please take pictures and send them to me for my scrapbooking!!! email pics to Thank you so much to those of you who plan to participate and have already responded.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you a lot this week!

Love ya,
Nurse Debbie :)

The Bryant Family said...

OMG...I cannot believe the song was played...I can only imagine the wave of emotions you had, I am in tears as I read your post. I cannot imagine the loss of a child, we feared it a few times, heart surgeries are scary and bring reality in check....I hope your new year finds you great joy in new motherhood and peace that Gabi is with you all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie! I'm sorry your New Years was bittersweet, but you got through it like you have the hardest year of your life! I think it's calming knowing that Gabi made the decision to be with God and that you did not have to and your right she is watching over Kinsley! Keep growing you beautiful baby! That's so awesome about the song, that's a sign and it' has to be relaxing!! May God Bless you through this year and your family be safe! It's going to be a great year, with the arrival of the baby!! I can't wait to come visit. I need your address so I can send you something I bought! I will be doing the balloon release in honor of Gabi. God bless you lil Bit(but I'm having a bit of a blonde moment, does that make it 1 here in Kentucky?? )e-mail me! Ha Ha.. leave it up to me!

Isabella said...

I am praying for a 2008 full of joy, healing, miracles and lots and lots of love for you and Jason and the girls. I know Gabi is safe in the arms of Jesus and she will be there when you are called home. I truely beleive we will all see one another again. We love you guys and you are in my everyday prayers.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Wow, after reading the new years entry, I am bawling. I miss that little angel so much it hurts. I can't believe its been a year since I watched her make her grand entrance. Saturday will be a really rough day for us all!! So glad we had you for the weekend to celebrate my B-day. I love my Gabi book. This morning I looked on my phone for the time and I saw my angel baby looking back at me. Thanks for the pic Jason...anyway I love you guys. Micah I forgot to show you what I got for Gabi's birthday present. I guess you'll have to wait to see it in 2 weeks. Have a good week. I'm glad your flight brought you home to Jason safely. Love you both.