Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pacers Game

In case you didn't know I changed my hair...again!

The foam finger always goes
over well with a 6 year old!

I swear we were really there for the game:)

Gracie finally got to go to her first NBA game on last night. It was a really good game, the Pacers played the Pistons, unfortunately they lost in the last minute, but we were already gone, so not a big deal for us. They had some pretty good entertainment, check out the video, watch close though, Jason recorded and he didn't know how long it would record, so really pay attention or you will miss it!


Kaden's mommy said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! I like your hair...I too dyed my hair darker about a week an a half ago. I'm telling you, it must be a pregnant thing. I could hardly even tell that you were showing in the pics. Well, take care and I hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year.
Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Ahh!! I love your hair!! Its adorable!..

Isabella said...

Love the new color!! Looks like you had lots of fun. I will try to get ahold of you this week!! Miss Ya

The Bryant Family said...

I like the new color. I wanted to do mine darker and just havent had the guts to do it. Have a safe and happy New Year!