Sunday, December 16, 2007

Looks can be deceiving!!!

So the last time I shared my prego pics people were shocked at how big my tummy was. That was almost 4 weeks ago, wow doesn't seem like it has been that long. Anyways I wanted to share more photos and I must say my tummy looks about the same, although I know it is getting bigger.

See shirt down is not so big!

Many of you know I do not work, well recently I started substitute teaching. I have really enjoyed it! Monday and Tuesday I will sub for a special ed. class, I am really looking forward to that. In college I had taken a few special ed. classes, I was an ed. major...then I changed to psych...I have no idea why. Anyways now I am rambling about nothing so next topic!

Also I wanted to share a little something from our little friend Chelsea. She will be 2 in January, she is the little girl in the button on the top of our blog page. Click on her picture or go to Her treatment has been going very well. Last night they had a Bald is Beautiful party. With all the chemo. Chels was loosing hair quickly so they had a head shaving party. She is just the sweetest little thing. Her daddy and big brother even shaved their heads! Jason always shaves his head but when I told him about Chels party he wanted in on the action. He wasn't really due for a shave, but he is a huge Chelsea fan so he was all about shaving, he even shaved the scruf on his face:) Here's a pic of his support!!! Lots of hugs, loves, and prayers for Chelsea and her family!!!

The picture is something Gracie made especially for Chelsea. It is going in her stocking, we just haven't seen her yet to give it to her, so here's a sneak peak Carey!


Isabella said...

I love your new belly pics. I think you might even be bigger than when I saw you the other day. I am so glad you have been sub teaching. Love Ya and Miss Ya

Carey said...

I love it yeah Jason!!! You look just as cute as my other bald boys!!! Poor Chelsea, she's the only girl to partake in the challenge! Are you rethinking Micah?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That girl will be here before we all know it!! We need to get together soon! Love ya, Laurie

Kaden's mommy said...

You and your cute!!! So when is your due date again? She looks like she is growing well. Well, I hope everything is going great. Take care, Amy

The Bryant Family said...

Man, how brave you are doing belly pictures. For some reason I dont think mine looked as cute as yours. :) Congrats and love the name.

Anonymous said...

That rocks on being a sub..and atleast your making money and enjoying yourself!?! Your belly is just adorable! You take care and god bless your family as well was Chel's family!! God Bless!!-Bug