Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Name Game

I cannot believe how difficult this has become. We have completely decided against Amelia Claire. Although I adore the name, I have a friend whos daughter is named exactly that...what are the odds? As I told her though, great minds think alike:) And I think Cameron Miley is out as well. We have just debated so much that sometimes the more you debate the further you get from a decision. We have found a few other names that are now our top contenders, stay posted for details. I am not going to post any more possibilities, but once we have made a decision I will share it!

Thanks to all who have given us your opinion. Believe it or not it definitely has helped. We know that when we here her name it will be perfect for her, but we just haven't heard it yet! Although I will tell you we are getting very close:)

Still no pics of baby girl, but I am working on it. We got some really cool shots yesterday, I can't wait to share!


Amie said...

Personally I like Amelia Claire! Congratulations you guys!

Jacquie said...

Delurking here. I have been reading for a bit now.

I have a Kamryn (girl) so I love that name. Good luck, it is hard to pick names isn't it. I know when we named Kamryn it was totally the I heard and new it was "the name".