Tuesday, December 4, 2007

16 weeks, only 24 to go

Today was my 16 week check up. I picked up Daddy and off to the office we went! Everything sounded good. We were a little worried at first, because Dr. Meltzer couldn't find the baby's heart beat. It ended up being a bad machine, so she grabbed another, she heard the heart and some movement, but it wasn't very clear...and then we heard a LOUD STRONG beat! I also had the AFP test done today as well. The AFP is a very typical blood test, the only thing is it has very false/positive results, so we are not really looking to deep into that. If things were to come back like they did with Gabi then they would have us go in for a level 2 ultra sound. Given our history, we decided last time we were in the office to skip the waiting on the results of the AFP and go ahead and schedule the level 2. Monday is a big day for us. That is also the day we will find out the baby's sex...maybe we will reveal the baby's name at that time as just never know:) So this next week we will be a little high strung, we are really anticipating the level 2. We are leaving it in God's hands, obviously the only thing we can do, but as many times before it is very hard to wait! So please say an extra prayer for the baby and our sanity this week!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, we will be thinking of you on Monday. Maybe Gracie can give your belly and extra good rub and hug for good luck!!! She can't wait to see you three! Have a great rest of the week!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out..I was thinking about you guys last night. Everything will be perfect, don't you worry about it! I hope this weekend goes wonderful and I cna't wait to hear your good news on Monday.

Love you!

Bo said...

I will be saying some prayers for you. I feel good about it and I hope good karma means good things for you guys.

Hope you like the snow in IN!

Isabella said...

We are praying here!! I just have a good feeling about this. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.
Love Ya

Mira said...

HA!! I can't wait!! I'm on pins and needles to find out about this little one!!! You HAVE to update THAT DAY! No waiting you stinker!

Jenny said...

I will definitely be thinking of you on Monday. I opted not to have any of the non-essential bloodwork done because the outcomes are not always accurate. I wouldn't make any decisions based on any of it anyway, so my ob sent me for a level 2 in September. Hope everything goes very well for you, and you enjoy seeing your little one!!