Thursday, December 27, 2007

Balloons for Gabi...

We are quickly approaching Gabi's first birthday and I wanted to do something special in her memory. Seems like that has been my life mission lately doing things in her memory. Janurary 12, wow has it really been a year??? Well I came across my lastest idea but I need your help in order for it to be a success. Best thing is you can do this with your own family and it requires the small purchase of a balloon for each to participate. I want to do a balloon release. I would like to organize so that even though many of you who are near and far, we all release at the same time. First off I am definitely thinking hot pink balloons, afterall that was the best color on her, and I would assume if she could talk she'd tell me it was her favorite color. And here is the best part, Gracie wants to write sissy a message and put it in the balloon...afterall the balloons will make it to Gabbers in heaven:) Anyways I would love for each of you who participate to write a message, but be sure to include our blog address so then if anyone finds the message they can learn about our special angel and the joy she has brought into so many lives.

Unfortunately Jason and I will be in Indianapolis on her birthday, but I know that our family will be releasing with us! The best part is the 12th is on a saturday, so that should be a perfect day for all who want to participate without having to worry about work or our other daily tasks.

JANURARY 12, 2008...her first birthday
(hot pink) Balloon Release
12 pm central standard time!!!

Please pass this along to anyone you know who has been following our story. The most important request for us besides your participation, please take pictures and email them to me. I would love to make a special scrap page or 2 for our first annual balloon release. You know this will be our tradition, maybe it could be part of your families too. Afterall what better way to start a new year than remembering just how blessed we are for getting to be together. Gabi taught so many of us to love inconditionally and we want to continue to spread her story all over the nation!!!


Pam said...

You know that we will be doing it!! And Rhett's hair is getting pretty long again.....maybe he will be sporting some piggies for his Gabi as well!! ((HUGS!!))

Anonymous said...

Hey.. We will be releasing balloons in Gabi's honor! I will see how many people I can get to release them with your address' on them..and I have sent the email out to alot of people! God Bless you..

Anonymous said...

Oh what a WONDERFUL idea Micah AND Jason!! LUV IT, LUV IT, LUV IT!! We will most definately participate in this for Miss Gabi. I'm wondering.......maybe there could be a gathering at the church to have release of balloons?!?! I will be the Salon, so I have decided we will release balloons from my staff and clients as well. I will take pix and have them emailed to you. Talk to you later. Angie Cain-Arnett

Isabella said...

What a wonderful idea!! I love it!!! You can count on us joining you on this. Miss you. It has been crazy busy around here, but know that you have never been far from all of my thoughts and prayers during the holiday. I thought of you and Jason alot.
Love Ya

Kaden's mommy said...

What an awesome idea and way to celebrate!!! We will get our balloons ready and I will definately spread the word. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a safe New Year. Take care.
Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Im in!


tcaraher said...

Count me in...what a great idea!

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

We would LOVE to do it. I will get some hot pink ones for Gabbers. I can't believe how fast time goes.

Love you,

The Bryant Family said...

Count us in that very glad it is a Saturday so I can get everyone in the family involved. HOT PINK BALLOONS IT IS!! What a great idea. I will send pictures and post them on our blog as well. Hope you are feeling well and enjoy your trip. Have a safe return.

Carey said...

What a great idea! We're in...not sure about Chels though. If she's still here in the hospital, we'll have to let hers off for her b/c she's not allowed to leave the floor. Unless...maybe we could get them to make an extra special exception for Gabi!!! Hmmm, I'll work on that!

amy flege said...

we will be participating for sure!! what a wonderful idea!!! i have goosebumps already!

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

We would be honored to take part in this new and wonderful tradition.