Sunday, December 9, 2007


1st Annual:

Santa's Little Helpers

Yesterday when we woke up and saw the weather report, I cried! There was a horrible ice storm coming and we feared the worst. After much discussion we decided Gracie would stay home with Mimi and Papi and Jason and I would try to make it to the hopsital. Afterall I had already spoke to Matt and Megan several times and they were well on there way. There were only a couple of disappointments, we could not pick up the Santa costume. With the weather so up in the air we did not want to drive any further than we had to. We will definitely try for it again next year though.
When arrived at the hospital with no problems, I was so thankful that Jason and I decided to chance it. We had so much stuff for the stockings not everything would fit in them. We stuffed 21 stockings and had 3 extras. They were filled with wonderful toys, pretty princess makeup, games, slinkys, silly putty, dinosaurs, hot wheel cars, barbies, jewelry, candy, books, coloring books and crayons, hair bows, beanies, McDonalds gift cards, movie tickets, picture frames, ornaments, and magnets. Megan's mom made 12 blankets, which was perfect for the 12 infants that were in. Megan had made little tags with Bella and Gabi's picture on it, oh they were perfect!
As I mentioned earlier the only other disappointment we had is that we couldn't personally delivery the stockings. The nurses made sure they were properly distributed. And the nurses we sooooooooo excited to see both of our families. They were amazed at how well things turned out. We had so many wonderful donations, money, toys, food...we cannot thank everyone enough for all that they did to make this such a successful project.
I must say everyone was quite impressed with my memory box. She was our pride and joy, so it made it so special to deliver. I will be so excited the next time we go that I will see my angel hanging to watch over the other little ones.
Spending the day with Matt and Megan was exactly what we needed. They brought Abby and Madison, they were such good helpers. I wish Gracie would have gone with us, but we made her a deal. In 2 weeks when we are back for Christmas we will take her to deliver the pictures her classmates made and the reindeer food. She agreed that would work for her. So soon we will go back for the second half of our delivery.


Carey said...

Project Sucess is for sure! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, although I must say seeing the pix of the hospital ... orbitz cafe...well, you know, not looking forward to going back. And I'm sooo bummed as I was definately looking forward to seeing pix of Jason in a Santa costume!!! How great is that, next year I guess!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Those kids sure are lucky to have you in their corner to care and wish them a wonderful christmas. I am sure the parents were sooo thankful too. It's really too bad you wasn't able to personally able to deliver the goods and see their expressions. Hopefully next year you can do that Micah and Jason! Knowing you Micah, you find a way to be able to do that!! :-) I am so proud of you two and the BIG BIG BIG hearts you have for others! As always we love you both! Angie Cain-Arnett

PS.....I saw that Wal-Mart had Santa Suits in Ottawa, maybe you can you pick one up after Christmas, for next year?!?!

Pam said...

You guys are really amazing.

And the shadow box was beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It looks like all was a huge success despite the weather. Congrats on your healthy little girl also, we'll continue to keep you all in our prayers.

ps. tell Jason I'm liking his choice of attire!