Thursday, January 10, 2008

Daddy's Thoughts

Well, I figured it was about time that I sat down and put another entry in here. Not to mention Micah told me I needed to! haha

This Saturday is going to be a very difficult day for everyone that was close to Gabi. Micah and I try so hard to be so strong, but Saturday is going to be a day that we're not. We are going to be so comforted and feel so blessed that all of you will be releasing balloons with us on Saturday. However, we have decided to be by ourselves when we release our balloons versus inviting our friends in Indiana to be with us. All of the friends we have met up here would gladly be there and support us and we appreciate all of them for that. Micah and I just really need that time with each other. Everything has happened so fast that in all honesty still doesn't feel like she is really gone. With the new year and now her birthday and she isn't here...the harsh reality sets in a little stronger each day.

Micah gives me too much credit I believe in her entries on here. I try to do all I can and hope to continue to do more, but it never feels like enough. This is my chance to share how much of an amazing woman my wife is. She keeps everyone up to date on us on here. She has forced her self to get out and about and become a part of our surroundings in Indiana. She shares our story with all she can in hopes that it helps in some way. She makes sure that she is always there for me in so many different ways. It's crazy how much the little things turn into huge deals in your life. When Micah takes the time to pack me a lunch, kiss me good morning every day, kiss me when I get home without fail, and tell me how much she loves me every chance she gets makes every day worth living. I'm not sure how I got so lucky cause I'm pretty sure I don't deserve such an amazing woman!

I want to say thank you so much to all of you that are still following along with our journey. Any one with kids knows that whether you're children are 4 or 45 the journey as a parent never ends. Gabi is no longer with us but our journey as her parents will never end until the day we join her in heaven. So our goal is to continue and be the best parents to Gabi and her memory that we can!

So to everyone following along that is a parent. The next time your child gets on your last nerve. The next time you get frustrated with them being annoying little monkeys. Be thankful that you have that opporutnity with your children to experience that particular phase of their lives. Give them their timeout, smack on the tooshy, or take that favorite toy away...then kiss them hug them and smell them as if you need to hold on to that touch, scent, or feeling as if they we'ren't going to be there tomorrow.

It's funny the older we get we read things like "Live today as if it were your last!" or "Live today as if there was no tomorrow." The crazy thing is no one ever puts a quote out there that says "Parent today as if your child wasn't going to be here tomorrow!" or "If today was the last day of your childs would you spend it with them?" Ok...I'm rambling...haha. In short, love your kids, keep your head up, and love as much as you can may not get to share that love tomorrow! We love all of you and hope all of you know how genuine and sincere we are about that! Hugs around the world baby! hahaha

Love Love Love Love
Jason, Micah, Gracie, Angel Gabi, Belly Baby Kinsley :-)


The Bryant Family said...

Man Micah, you have a good one there. What nice things to post and say. You two have such passion and wisdom-beyond your years that is for sure. We will be thinking of you on Saturday as well as releasing balloons in Platte City Missouri. You have touched our lives and I do enjoy following your family. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that we all need a reality check and your post did exactly that. I have followed your story and feel so lucky that you and Micah have let me, and everyone else, into your lives. I do think about your family often and I will say that it does make me hold my son much tighter. And your story has allowed my husband and I to discuss the unthinkable because he too asks about you. You are part of some many people's daily life and a great way! I'm very happy that you and Micah found each other - you both are amazing people and an inspiration. Who'd of thought I'd be telling the fomer BJ he was an inspiration to me! HA! I check this blog daily and am also so excited to see the newest on Kinsley. You deserve all the happiness Jason!! And thank you to your family for giving me that reality check that we don't know what tomorrow brings. My family's thoughts will be with you tomorrow and may the sky be litered with hot pink baloons!
Nicole Krambeer

Megan said...

Jason all I can say is what BEAUTIFUL words. You and Micah are such amazing people and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Know we will be with you in spirit on Saturday as we realease our balloons and we will be praying for you guys.
Lots of Love