Monday, June 29, 2009

Bump, Set, Fountain...

I started this post last week and forgot to post it...oops! Enjoy the pics :)

Gracie started volleyball a few weeks ago. We weren't sure what to expect, but she far exceeded our expectation. She has done great and had a lot of fun. Kins really enjoyed watching too. She does take her eyes off the ball. And she clapped throughout the entire game, mostly for sissy:)
As for our little water bug, she cannot get enough of the pool. She never wants out, always playing, splashing, walking around, she even goes under and LOVES it. She likes to grab the dive sticks underwater, she even did a little swimming yesterday, kicking and using her arms like a big girl.
Great Gram and Great Papa Bowles, I tried to get her smiling in the suit you got her, but she was too excited to go out and wouldn't hold still. This is as good as I got...kind of cute though:)
I think I saved the best for last. Last Thursday night we went to a free jazz concert at Zona Rosa.

Kinsley not only loved the music but she LOVED the fountains. ok, I need a break...this is good music!