Friday, July 10, 2009

A Slight fault

There is no excuse as to why I haven't posted the details of last weeks tests, I have been extremely busy this week. I do apologize though! I hoped you figured at this post, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS :)

As for Jason, the lump IS benign. The thyroid specialists wants to see him in 3 months, just keep an eye on it. No need to go in and remove it, many times they will shrink on there own and absorb into the body. So that is what we are praying for. Worst case, they go in and remove it. Jason already feels like it has gotten smaller though.

As for Fred, his prostate cancer IS localized, which means it did NOT spread. That is not only wonderful news, but a medical mystery to the doctors. He was diagnosed 2 years ago, and at that point is was a level 10, which is the worst level you can be diagnosed with, the odd were not in his favor. Well with the grace of God, a very special guardian angel, and endless prayers he is still going strong and kickin the cancers butt. Although he will never be 100% can free, he still has many years with us with proper care. For the next 8 weeks he will be going through very intense radiation, with hopes of knocking out the prostate cancer all together. I just wish the doctors would of thought of this months ago. All I can say is everything does happen for a reason and we are blessed that God is allowing him to continue such a courageous battle! As I told my FIL, God has others plans for him and that is why things are happening the way they are. That and he has 3 grandchildren to watch grown up!

So all and all things are looking up for the Ackers! Thanks to all the prayers you sent out for us, PRAYERS DOES WORK! Please continue to keep us there, we are still not in the clear, but definitely in a better place than we were.

With that being said, TUCKER needs our prayers. He has had a rough couple of days. His family is exhausted from all the excitement and could really use some encouragement! They are fighting hard for their little guy and when set backs happen it breaks your heart. You question the doctors, the nurses, yourself, even God. And although it is not right to question those people it happens and until you are in that situation you may never understand. But with that being said please pray for Tucker and not only him his entire family, they could use some good news!

We love you Tucker! xoxo


Fred Acker said...

I think that perhaps that's what God is trying to teach us. Prayer DOES work! We may not always get the answer we want, or when we want it, but He does answer our prayers. He has to knock us down sometimes so He can bring us back to our feet. I pray we're on the uphill swing and we've learned what we needed to learn. We truly do serve an awesome God. Thanks for the encouraging words Micah. And thanks to Gabi for pleading her Daddy and Grandpa's case!

The Bryant Family said...

all good news....thank goodnes.. Thank you for keeping Tucker in your prayers...slow and study progress.