Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another eventful weekend...

Can you believe it, 2 days in a row I am on here!?! I figured instead of making a huge entry I would just start from the weekend. We are always on the go when Gracie is in school. But this was our last free weekend for a while. She starts cheerleading this next Saturday, which I am totally pumped about. She has been practicing really hard with her mom and me. When we practice though she asks if her motions are right and where she should be looking on certain is so cute. She actually listens to me too since I am a cheer coach.
So Saturday Kins and I picked up Gracie and went out to the Renaissance Festival, opening day. Gracie got to ride a pony, get a henna tattoo, and visit with Mimi and Papi....Kins and I were along for the ride. Jason had to work all day Saturday, so I have been trying to keep both girls entertained without hearing too much, "When's Daddy gonna be home?"Then Sunday was the annual Childrens Mercy Memorial Service. It was very bittersweet, this year they dedicated the 2008 quilt. The 2008 quilt is in memory of the children who passed in 2007. I had made a quilt block in memory of Gabi the quilt was beautiful. And the most special part is Gabi and Ava are right next to each other, just as they are in heaven...insert tears here :) The quilt will be hung in the hopsital on the wall near the cashiers counter in May of 2010. Be And each family gets to release a is such an amazing site to see when they are released.
Monday as a family, along with Uncle Freddie and Zach, Uncle Michael, Matt, Jess, and Joellen we all went to the Ren Fest. The kids got their faces painted, rode an elephant, jumped on a tampoline off bungies, ate turkey legs...let's just leave it at they got SPOILED!!! Oh and Kins got her new attire for the Ren Fest, she is so stinkin CUTE!!!


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Looks like a blast!! So glad you are all having a good time and enjoying each other. The girls are growing like weeds!

We will be making a trip to ren fest too, but I have no idea when. Things are just crazy busy lately. I'll be sure and stop by the booth when we do. :)

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...


Thank you so much...I know that you were posting about your events but to hear that Ava and Gabi are next to each other on the quilt made my heart skip a beat. I couldn't even finish reading the post because I couldn't stop the tears. I still can not stop them. I am so thankful that you guys are in our lives. I truly believe that Ava and Gabi are together and watching over both of our families as a team. I remember the goose bumps I got when you would tell me that Gabi was watching over Ava when she was in the hospital and then one day I looked out into the hall while Ava was in one of the PICU rooms and saw Gabi's memorial. I feel that we were meant to meet...I still remember the day I first saw you guys in the same day surgery clinic...seeing the precious little girl with her mommy and daddy. Wondering why on earth a little girl who looks so healthy would be there...then learning her story and falling in love with her. I thank you for sharing your life with us and helping us with all that we have been through. Thank you so much. We love you guys.