Friday, November 20, 2009

3rd Annual Santa's Little Helpers

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. I do apologize, I have been so busy with cheerleading and then there is Kinsley. She is slowly becoming a big girl right before my eyes. She is AMAZING!!! She is starting to put words together making little sentences. She always wants to dance, color, and play with ALL her stuffed animals. I should say carry ALL of her stuffed animals around, and if she can't get them ALL I carry what she can't. We are potty training and she recognizes most of the time when she needs to go. She is soooooo proud when she does go, and of course so am I! She just turned 18 months, such a fun age, but it's a busy age.Gracie is staying busy with school. She has finally figured out why it is so important to do good the first time around. She has weekly spelling test and on Thursdays they have a pretest. If they get 100% they don't have to take the test on Friday, let's just say I think she has only taken one test on Friday. She just finished cheerleading for her little brothers team and now she is starting basketball. She is pretty pumped about bb, and I think Jason is more excited than ever, something he can really relate too.Now for the next topic at hand, 3rd Annual SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS!!! For the last 2 years we have stuffed stockings for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Childrens Mercy. We have had such an amazing response both years, so I am really looking forward to see how this year turns out. I am thinking we will deliver Saturday December 19th. That is not 100% confirmed but that is the date I am thinking will be best. That gives us 4 weeks to collect items. Remember we do not know until a couple days before what age groups we are collecting for, so it is important we get a little bit of everything. Mostly babies, a few tweens, and teens we also like to include something for the parents. These are some things we have collected in the past...coloring books and crayons, cross word puzzles, gift cards (McD's and movies tickets are great), hand held games, barbies, toy cars, lip gloss. The place I stock up the most is the dollar spot, you can find great items there for super cheap. We also accept monetary donations and then I take that and buy items suitable for the children/parents. I also like to take a tray of goodies for the nurses, so any bakers out there??? If you are interested in making any sort of donation, please contact me
It is a tough time of year for everyone Christmas can be overwhelming on top of all of our other expenses, but the think I always remind myself of is, the kids are in the hospital and no kid should ever have to spend Christmas in the hospital. So we need to bring a little cheer to their day, give them a stocking full of goodies, just let there minds be in another place for an hour or 2.