Friday, January 5, 2007

Close but not yet...

Yesterday started off to be the most nerve racking day ever. We first met with Dr. Kelly, he will be Gabriele's pediatrician. He is a very soothing doctor and he has been taking care of the Acker kids since Gracie was born. Next we went to the hospital for our appointment with Dr. Bennett. We arrived at 10:30 am with the hopes we wouldn't leave and we would have a baby, but that is not what happened. We did another BPP test which she did not pass the breathing portion so we had to get hooked up on the fetal monitor. The good thing is that the blood flow stress from her umbilical cord to her brain was ok although the stress to her heart was still up, 4.0. Since the stress on her brain blood flow was down we are in the clear. When we got hooked up to the fetal monitor the first time she showed an abnormal heart rate. So when then had to go to labor and delivery where we then had to got hooked up to the monitor for 2 hours...or so we were told. At 3pm we should have been done, but Dr. Bennett wanted us to stay on until he could come visit. He got held up in clinical and took 2 more hours. At 5pm, he came to see us. What a long day at the hospital to be told your baby looks great, you can go home and we will see you first thing Monday morning.
We were a little disappointed because we want to see our little angel so badly, but we also know that Dr. Bennett will do what is best for her. So we are gonna start going twice a week to monitor things more closely and I have to count movement on a regular basis through out the day. We will continue to say our prayers and God will take care of the rest.