Monday, January 29, 2007

Dad & His Girls

I have been slacking off tremendously from adding my two cents to the blog so now that I've figured out my user id and password I'm ready to get going again! haha. Most of you that know me know that I have had a lof of life experiences for being under 30...hush I'm not 30 yet! This experience has been nothing short of life changing. My first Daughter Gracie is the most amazing little girl in the world, beautiful, smart, outgoing, and a little on the active side...not sure where that comes from. Before Gabi I would look at Gracie and think..."How could any little girl be so precious." Well then Gabi arrived and that little girl is so amazing and she is only two weeks old. She eats well and wasn't supposed to be able to. Her blood mixing was going to be a major concern but the Dr's say she has found a way to calm herself and control it. She is by no means out of the woods on anything but she is already showing us that she is a little fighter and I couldn't be more proud. Gracie is such an amazing big sister to Gabi. She already takes good care of her, feeds her, burps her, and just can't wait to get her chance to hold her again. Micah as well has not yet ceased to amaze me. She has been working so hard to keep Gabi trying to nurse, taking her to the Dr's all the time, taking care of the house, me and all sorts of other things. She has taken on the task of motherhood full boar and is ready to take on whatever necessary to make sure that our little girl is always in good hands. If love really is all you need this family is going to be very strong for a very long time!


Fred and Phyllis Acker said...

For those of you who aren't aware of this, Jason will be 30 in July!!