Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Always CHAOS...

The girls were watching the cute are they!?!

Gracie's last day of school was last Friday, she is now with us for the summer. It is very exciting considering our weekends go so fast. Now we can actually spend some quality time with the kid! One thing is for sure though, I have my hands full. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but a little more time in the day would be nice.

Yesterday Gabi had an appointment with the genetic counselor. Basically just looked her over, said she looked great and told me all the what could be's in the future. I guess it's good to know that kind of stuff, but why give me anymore worry than I already have? Lately I have struggled with the overwhelming emotions I am experiencing. I try so hard to be strong and get through each day with a smile, but that has become more and more difficult lately. I want to create a loving, safe, caring environment to raise the kids, but I am scared to death. I mean, I love my life and wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes I wonder how I am going to handle surgery, or the things people will say about my baby because she is "different." I put this in God's hands I know he gave us this angel because he knew we could handle it, but it is a very trying time for myself and Jason. It has definitely brought us to closer to each other, our family, and most importantly our church. Life is not what I expected for myself it is even better than I could have imagined. And even though I have felt overwhelmed lately I know I will gain my strength back and be better than ever!

Gracie and Zach fishing at Mema and Papa's with Uncle Freddie. Gracie caught 1, Zach caught 2, and well let's just say Uncle Freddie was there for moral support!

On a lighter note: Gabi is now 10 lbs. I never thought we'd see the day of double digits!! Gabi is holding her head a lot more. Everyday we see more and more personality out of her. She has rings and rattles she likes to play with and has been doing really good moving them from hand to hand. Baby girl is right on track! Oh she got her first swimsuit...CHECK HER OUT!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at lil Gabi! You are too cute;-) I love the swimsuit and sunglasses but the best item in the picture is definitely the babygirl. What i wouldn't give to weigh 10lbs!!!

love you, your auntie erica

Anonymous said...

God is right there with you...if you are really still and concentrate, you will feel his love all around you. He has Gabi in his hold onto this thought and stay positive through his strength. All my love, Becky O'Connor

Anonymous said...

I think you win the cutest patient award for the year here at CMH.....

love, Lauren (PICU nurse)