Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Way to Long...

So it is official I am a terrible mother, I have not had a chance to update in about 2 weeks. Here is what I claim as my excuse. Our laptop is broken, apparently my fault or something and well Jason has been really busy with work, so he is always on the desktop. By the time he is finished for the day we choose to relax together and I don't want to go in on the computer. Things have been going very well though so I didn't feel the need...lazy huh!?!
But this entry ought to be filled with fun details.
Where do I begin how about with Miss Gabi. Last Wednesday she weighed in at 9lbs. 2oz. She had an echo cardiogram done and Dr. Parthiban is presenting her case to the surgeons a week from Friday. At that point they will decide her surgery date. I am really anticipating these next 2 weeks, but knowing we will have a date definitely makes the wait worth while. She has been vomiting alot, so I do tons and tons of laundry. Dr. Kelley says it's normal, but I don't necessarily agree...I am not the doctor though.

She has been smiling a ton haven't got a good one in a pic yet. And she talks a ton in fact as I type she is having a conversation. It is so cute, she sits in her swing, looks at herself in the mirror and carries on a lengthy conversation. The newest thing though, she twirls her hair and pulls it too. One time she was pulling and started to cry, I don't think she realized she was causing the pain. We are working on rolling over. A few times she has gotten close, but she can't quite figure out how to use her arms. But it is something we practice daily. She is getting stronger though, sometimes she holds her head up, but not for a long period of time...still working hard at it!

As for Gracie, she is getting excited school is almost out for the summer. Her last day is May 18th, just around the corner. She is staying very busy. Last Saturday at her soccer day she did awesome. Her and Daddy had a talk and she promised to know where the ball is at all times and to try harder to get to the ball. She almost scored twice, you could tell she was having so much fun. She said she would play like that more often. Last Friday she had a carnival at her school. So we went to that, her and her brother, Chance, had so much fun, lots of games and activities. Gabi had an ok time, she got sick and threw up in the library, a little embarrassing, but I am sure that library has seen worse.

Gracie got to keep Izzy with her this week at her mom's house. She was so excited. I think Morgan was a little hesitant at first, but she is growing to love the puppy too! Gracie took her on a walk last night and she was gone 40 minutes, any excuse to hang with Izzy Buggles.

Tonight is a big night for Gracie, she is graduating kindergarten. They are having a program and they are even dressing up to show what they want to be when they grow up. Gracie is dressing up as a doctor, she wants to be a baby doctor that helps sick babies and babies with down syndrome...isn't that sweet! She is such an amazing little girl with such a big heart, if only they were all like her!

As for myself and Jason, same old same old. He is running the business, which is finally starting to take off. And me well I planted flowers yesterday, that was nice. Oh yeah, we did go to the Indy Race @ the Kansas Speedway on Sunday. It was a lot of fun, we enjoy going about once a year.