Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bath Time with Sissy...

This past weekend was exciting for the girls, well atleast for Gracie. She wanted to take a bath with sissy, so with a little assistance from mommy she got what she wanted. Of course I had the camera handy to capture this momentus occasion! Gabi really likes the big tub as opposed to her little tub we have for the sink. I think she likes it better because she is submerged in the water...keeps her warmer!
Monday we had another weight check...8lbs 13oz. Not as much of a gain this week, but Dr. Kelley said we will have weeks like this, so don't be discouraged.
Today Daddy and I layed out for a bit...Daddy is as red as a lobster...kind of funny. Gabi was out with me for a while, but I didn't have her out long enough to catch any rays, but that's a good thing. After being outside I brought her in and we were playing...well I was playing with her and she gave me the biggest smile she has ever had. It melted my heart I was so excited. Then later tonight Daddy was playing with her and he got some great smiles as well. Our little angel just keeps progressing everyday...we love it!!!