Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's been a while...

Our other babies are doing well too! Can't leave these girls out. Sadi is posing pretty and Izzy had her first bath..that was cute, she did good. She also discovered Gabi's baby boppy and loves it...comfy spot she fell asleep right away!

I have not done so good this last week on updates. Last weekend we went to a Family Enrichment program for parents with children who have disabilities. It was great to visit with other parents. Gracie had a ton of fun, she didn't want to leave. They had lots of activities for the kids. Gabi was pretty content with everyone who wanted to hold her. She was the youngest child there and she stole the show...she is such a pretty baby!
My baby girl is definitely keeping me busy! We went to visit Dr. Parthiban, the cardiologist, yesterday. Gabi weighed in at 8lbs. 4oz. She is really filling out. The visit was good, but Dr. Parthiban heard an extra noise on her heart. So she was prescribed another medication. The noise can be related to early signs of heart failure, so we are getting closer...nothing to worry about though. The medication will contiune to help control her heartbeat and the blood flow. Our next appointment isn't until April 25th, but it is a big one. She will have an echocardiogram done and then Dr. Parthiban will present her case to the team of surgeons and then they will decide a date for surgery. That will be very exciting, but I think at that point the fear of the surgery will set in. I know this is what Gabi needs, but the thought of them opening up my baby is scarey. I know I am probably repeating myself from previous entries, but the fear will not go away until she is in will probably not even be then how about once she is home in my arms again!

Gabi will be 12 weeks on friday...almost 3 months old, I cannot believe it! She is such a sweet baby. She still hardly ever cries. And when she does Daddy always thinks it's because she has to poop...most of the time she is just hungry! She loves to snuggle, which how can we resist that??? And even more importantly she is very alert. She is awake most of the day. she would sleep through the night if we let her, but we are still on a very strict feeding schedule...every 3 hours. She follows our faces when we talk, she makes eye contact, and she smiles alot...sometimes it's gas, but it still looks like a smile so it counts! She is doing so well, thank you to everyone for always remembering our sweet angel in your thoughts and prayers...we will forever be greatful!!!

We had a big first 2 nights ago...the first time Gabi wore one of her NIKE outfits...this is huge for Daddy, he is a nike freak! You can't see it but this is it...I swear it has a swish on the left and as you can see Daddy is sporting his too!