Monday, April 9, 2007

And finally today...

Gabi and I started off early this morning. We had to get into the lab early to have some blood drawn because of the new medication she's on. It can mess with her potassium levels, among other things. Baby girl had a horrible day. We had to go to 3 different labs. First, Lawrence Hospital, they couldn't find a vein, but poked around a few times. Then off to LabOne in Overland Park, they couldn't find a vein, but poked around as well. And finally we went to Childrens Mercy, they found a veinand finally got what we needed. The worst part about it all is she was stuck 7 times. I have never heard her cry so much! It nearly broke my heart, but I had to stay strong didn't want to wreck the car because I was crying. Needless to say if we have to do anymore lab work we will definitely be going to Childrens Mercy!

There was some good out of the day though...she had another weight check. Gabi is 8lbs.11oz., we are so excited it,s incredible. Dr. Kelley was very pleased with that. We will see him again next week. Today was such a long day, but Gabi does have any other appointments this week, so we will take advantage of that and rest.