Friday, March 7, 2008

A New Adventure

Well Jason just got a call and he has a job! Thank you everyone for the prayers and most importantly thank you Lord for answering those prayers. For those of you who know Jason you will definitely agree that this is something he will be very good at. He will be a car salesman for the local Lexus dealership. There are only 2 Lexus dealerships in KC, the one he will be working at is the newest. We are super excited! There is so much opportunity and they seem like a great group to work for. He had 2 interviews the day he went in just to see if they were even hiring. They could see his potential and want to give him a chance. This is a different type of sales than what he is used to, but as many would agree, sales is sales and Jason is an excellent salemans. I have ever bit of confidence in him that he will rise to the top. And it was so cute to watch him talk about possibly working there, I could feel the eagerness in his voice.

So if anyone is doing any car shopping come visit Jason at the Tiffany Springs Lexus dealership:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats and when I become a teacher, I will buy a lexus.. HA HA a match box one! Congrats on the job..
p.s. I'm glad the baby is doing good.. god bless

Tracy said...

Congrats to your hubby on his new job and for answered prayers!
I too live in the KC area-I found your site somehow on the crazy road of the internet.
I am not in the car market as of now -but I will keep it in mind if I hear others who are.
Keep Imagining!

Pam said...

Oh I am so glad, I have been thinking of you guys. We know how the no job thing is, espically when you have a new baby on the way, or facing surgeries with a baby that you already have......

Tell Jason Congrats!!

I am so excited for Kinsley to get here!! I can't wait for picts....those 11 weeks better hurry!!


The Bryant Family said...

Hey, my brother works there!! He is a body shop guy. He is off right now due to a back injury...He really likes working there. How small this world is!

Cherie =) said...

Hey...Tell Jason Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May (I'll give Gracie straight S's!)...just a little heads up. Ha ha ha! Congrats!

amy flege said...

glad to hear jason got a job!!! things will all work out for the best!!!