Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks, Lilly Pads, and Dumdums

We spent the 4th at Mema and Papa Ackers. We cooked out, the kids played in the pool, then they fished in the pond, and then fireworks. We had a great time, I just love getting together with the family! Then on Sunday, we went to my parents. We played at the pool, then cooked out. It was yet another great time! Here are some pics from the weekend. Kinsley got a new floatie from Mimi and's a lilly pad. They got it more for next year, Mimi thought it was too cute and had to get it. But it actually works for her now, oh she is just too cute for words:)

I almost forgot, Kinsley tried a new sweet treat today. It was a Banana dumdum, yep you got it...she had her first sucker and LOVED it!!! She loved it so much she cried when I took it away. So maybe on occasion when she is a good girl I will give her a little sweet treat:)

Gracie enjoyed her dumdum too!!!


Rachel said...

Kinsley is growing up way to fast...she is absolutely beautiful. Gracie is just as beautiful. You are luck people to have such special little girls. Sounds like your Holiday was fun! I'm glad things are going well.


Isabella said...

Too cute!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow

Cherie =) said...

FRED! Your hair is so BLONDE! Very cute lily pad! I think I need one! Do they make them in adult sizes?!?