Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Random Fun...

Gymnastics with Chelsea, we had a great time. Kins really liked the slide.

OUR FUTURE CHEERLEADER...notice the uniform Tonya:)
I have tried and tried, but Gracie is just not interested in being in the pics. Luckily I got this one, such a silly cheesy girl!
We made, with a little help from our friend Carey, our quilt block piece for the Childrens Mercy Memory Quilt. Obviously Gabi will stand pink polk a dots:) The quilt will be dedicated over the summer then hung in the hospital. I will give details once it happens, I believe anyone can view if in KC.

Seriously mommy stop with the pictures...Check out her outfit though, I love those boots!!!


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Join Me In Tucker's Journey
Stopping by to spread the word.

So adorable!! Love all the photos! Kins is just growing like a weed!!


Nathan and Tonya Stewart said...

LOVE the cheerleading outfit! So cute! I need to find a boys version for my boys and we can have ourselves a gorgeous squad!

All 4 My Gals said...

NOOOOOOOOOO, when did she get this big? I have to start blog visiting again. I've missed a LOT! She is so beautiful!!!