Monday, March 23, 2009

What a month...

We have been doing well. The girls are growing up so quickly. Recently we have taken advantage of the beautiful weather. Kinsley loves to swing and Gracie loves taken her down the slide.
It is official Kins is a big girl,,,she is now in a big girl carseat. Makes me sad, but I love turning around and seeing that precious face!St. Patty's day was fun, we went to the playground at Gracie's school. She was on Spring Break so we all got to hang out. Except for Daddy though, he was at work...which normally I would be sad, but I am so thanksful he is at work. Just yesterday he said how much he loves his new job...Thank you Lord!!!Watching the other kids play while we ate lunch.
I love this next set of pics, Kins and I were watching Gracie swing.

Look mommy sissy is swinging...
Wow, she is going high...YEA SISSY!!!
Kins got a balloon and even during her nap she didn't let go. She loved that balloon. She giggled and played with it until we could no longer play with it!And finally, we signed up Gracie to ring the bell at church, but she didn't go this last weekend, she had her b-day party at her mom's house. So Kins stepped up and did it for sissy! She loved it. She giggled and thought it was pretty cool!!!

Have a great week everyone!


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