Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pray hard and good things are to come!!!

Last week started off great, Jason was getting a job offer from a company based out of Phoenix, AZ. I thought that would be great, we have family there and I'd love to go with him occasionally to the office. He'd be based out of our house and travel when needed. So because he was getting this offer, he had turned down a couple other offers. He and the owner spoke Monday night and he was to get the official offer and details of pay and benefits on Tuesday morning. Needless to say we did not get much sleep Monday night. So the call came and about an hour after the call Jason told me, They changed their minds and there would be no offer...WHAT!?! Ok, well this is not the first time this happened to us, so we will just get back on the job search sites. But what the heck are we gonna do, we are totally out of money, patience, and quickly losing our faith, again. Well we decided we'd pray really hard! Jason gets a magazine called Senior Advisors, it's a magazine for the insurance world. He went on a rampage and started calling every office in that had ads to see anyone was hiring. After all this would be his area of expertise, he has been in the industry for 10 years, surely somebody would like someone with his charm and experience.
This one particular company was hiring. In fact the guy had put out an ad in the local newspaper looking for a new marketer. He was actually going to hire an individual that afternoon when Jason sparked his interest. So they scheduled an interview for Wednesday morning. Jason was super excited, but trying so hard not to get his hopes up to high for fear of what typically happens to us. I know I know poor us...but come on can't we have a break for once, we are really getting close to losing everything. And I am not sure how much more we can handle before we totally reach a breaking point. So again we pray and pray and pray...I don't think we stopped praying.
The interview went great, and by Wednesday afternoon JASON WAS OFFERED THE JOB!!! Which he started on Thursday, salary, benefits, a chance for bonuses, maybe even some commission, and the best part it's in Liberty, MO. That is about an hour and 15 min. from our house. It's a bit of a commute, but we can make this work.

So this is just a litle testimony that if you pray good things will come, it just may take some time. We have been so down lately and we lost a sight of our faith. We were truly being tested and we almost failed, but we chose to pray hard and know that with God we will come out ahead.



michele said...

I found your site long ago when Chelsea's mom mentioned you in her blog. I've visited from time to time, and I've often thought of your sweet little Gabi just out of the blue.

I do hope that the first offer in Arizona falling through is just one of God's wonderful unanswered prayers and that this new offer Jason got will turn out to be the job he's been wanting all along.

Best of luck to your family! I know our faith can be tried at times, but I'm always so amazed by the faith I read of when I visit your blog.

Hugs from Texas!
~ Michele

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Good for you guys and congrats Jason. It sounds like a great job!!! Hope you enjoy it.

The Bryant Family said...

AWESOME!!! I needed to hear that story today, this week is going to be tough on all of us. Hopefully Tucker is well enough to get his tonsils out and stitches in his tummy in preperation for Heart Surgery in Boston next month. IF not then everything goes to the following month. I have had a prayer in my heart for weeks now, Now it is time to wear out the knees. THank you for sharing your lives with guys are great!

Rachel said...

Congrats Jason!!! I am so happy that things work out.

I live only 20 minutes from Liberty. It's nice there.

I'm glad things worked out and I will pray that you can get back on top and not lose anything.

Love and Prayers,


Wendy's Mom said...

Congratulations on the new JOB! I have been praying for you too since I saw you other post about him not working. I am so glad that the prayers were answered.
YES you guys did deserve a break and those 2 little CUTE girls will definitely benefit from them. Tell Jason that at soon as he can he needs to let his 3 girls go shopping for something nice! LOL!! Just kidding, but it sure sounded good HUH!!

Congratulations again!!


Carey said...

That's terrific!!! Congratulations Jason!!! Really, I can't figure out why nobody picked you up sooner with your charm! Seriously, you're so good with people, I'm surprised you haven't been picked up earlier. I'm so happy for you guys!!! We totally know where you're coming from too, it is SO HARD!!! We just keep reminding ourselves it's only temporary, things WILL get better!

Anonymous said...

How sad your faith can be shaken and questioned every time you don't get what you want. God's plan isn't about giving you everything you want just as a parent's job isn't about giving their children everything that you need. I know you won't post this but it has truly bothered me how quickly your faith falters. I have had my share of loss, death of a child, job loss, etc. and I have stood strong knowing that I may not know why and I may not like it but he has a plan for all of us and the end is the best part of it all. I pray for you and your family that your faith isn't based on your monetary happiness.

Isabella said...

Yesterday was so weird not getting to see you while I was in town :( All day I felt like of was forgeting something. I miss you so much!!!!
Congrats again!!!! I knew God would not let you down.
Praying for you guys AlWAYS
Love Ya