Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Me Oh My

Things have gotten super busy around here and school hasn't even started! Last week my squad took 4th place at our regional competition. I was very proud of them, some tough competition out there. We will be competing mid November for the state tourney. I have high hope for them, but we have a lot of work to do in preparation for that. Our football season is about to begin, which I look forward to. Kearney is very well know for there athletic achievements, among other things. So I think Jason will even enjoy attending the games :)

All decked out for the Regional Competition...check out her shirt...GO BULLDOGS!!!

Gracie spent her last day with us on Wednesday. I guess you can call it that, we still have her every weekend, but we love summer time, cause we have her a lot more. She is ready to get back to school, but not so much for abstinence with daddy. Nothing we can do though, tough havin a split family. She did start cheerleading yesterday! YES, I said it cheerleading! I am so pumped for her, this is her first year on an organized squad, so we will be traveling early Sat. mornings to watch our little cheerleader!
Rockin in Sissy's chair...she loved it until she rocked to hard and fell forward onto her noggin!

Kinsley is GO GO GO!!! She is talking up a storm. Some of her newest words are Mema (finally, poor mema thought she'd never say it), puppy, bath, back pack (strange huh, she loves Dora, so that's where that one come in), potty, and pee pee. We are slowly working on potty training. I know it is a bit soon, but really who say when is too soon??? I am so proud of her too, she does an excellent job considering how young she is. We have a great little pee pee/poo poo dance...which she thinks is GREAT!!! I am a little frustrated though because I have been looking for training pants, NOT pull ups at the stores and they have plenty and they do make them in 18 months, but apparently they do not believe there is much demand for them, so they do not have them in stock. I will have to order them online...oh well! She is one of the friendliest toddlers I know, she says Hi to EVERYONE! Loves blowing kisses and has even flirted with a few cuties! She continues to dance her little tushy off, she LOVES music! Today my baby girl is 15 months time sure flies.

15 months ago today...

Jason is doing great! Staying super busy at work. This weekend he gets alittle alone time, which is well deserved. Me, Kins, and my mom and heading to Branson to see my grandparents. Our first little road trip with Kins. My grandparents live in AZ and they are going on a little get away so we figured we better take advantage of them being so close. We are really looking forward to it! So next week I will have to post pics of that adventure!

Have a great weekend! Just a friendly Thursday is my self proclaimed NATIONAL PIGGIE TAIL DAY, in honor of Gabi receiving her angel wings!