Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Big Weekend...

I can't believe it, Michael is married! Saturday, December 16th, Michael and Laura exchanged their wedding vows. I am so excited for them, they looked great and seemed really happy. It's hard to believe that we are both married now, but I also think it is great to see us both growing up and starting the next chapter of our lives with someone very special by our sides.
Later that night we took Gracie to see the plaza lights for the first time. We wanted to take her on a carriage ride, but there was an hour and a half wait. So we decided we'd try that another time. She wasn't as impressed as we hoped, her mom said she said it was neat, but just a bunch of lights on buildings. Not as exciting as what she had seen with her mom in Topeka at a lake, but we really wanted her to experience it from the carriage, so hopfelly we can make up for that.

As for me and Gabi, things are getting very uncomfortable. I am officially 8 1/2 months now, so things are slowly coming to an end. I am so thankful I don't have to much longer. I can tell she is getting bigger, but it doesn't seem like my tummy is so I am close to miserable. I have a feeling the best is yet to come. I think this time next month we will have a little one to hold, I don't know why, but I think she will be a week or two early...maybe that's just wishful thinking? Either way it won't be long and I can't wait. I have to admit though, the thought of labor scares me to death. I know it is natural and if she can fit she will, but it's strange to think that she could. Hummmm, I know it will be perfect and if it were so terrible there would be a lot less women doing it.