Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meeting the Neonatologists...

Yesterday was Gabi's BPP, it went very well. She was definitely showing off for Daddy, she passed within 15 minutes...she is such a strong little monkey. After her test we finally met the neonatologists, he is the specialists that will take care of her in NICU, he works with the cardiologoist, but we didn't meet him yet. Anyways we had a great conversation with him, oh yeah, his name is Dr. Ragavear (no clue if I spelled that right). Anyways he said the only things we have to watch once she is born is her feeding, that she has gained weight, and that she can maintain her body temperature, at that point she can go home. He said most babies with her heart condition go home with no problem. Once she is born the pressure in her lungs is still really high from being in me, but about 4-6 weeks later it goes to the normal low pressure, which if she has heart failure right away this is when it would happen. We asked a lot of questions, like what happens when she does go into heart failure? He said there is no need for us to worry, because it is a slow process and we will be taught what to look for and have plenty of time to react. It was a very postive, up lifting meeting. Daddy and I are definitely seeing things in a brighter light now.
When we met with Dr. Ragavear we had to go through the nursey to get to NICU and we saw a few babies. Wow, they were beautiful and they had so much hair. It was awesome to finally see some newborns, I cannot wait to see Gabriele, she will be the most beautiful...of course I am not parcial or anything. Dr. Ragavear did say Down babies are the happiest...he said we're lucky...we already knew that though!