Wednesday, December 27, 2006


What an eventful weekend. This year was Gracie's turn to be at her mom's on Christmas morning, so we started the festivities on Saturday, the 23rd. We went to Memaw T and Papa B's for the day. Gracie got a lot of great gifts and of course I think she played with about everything while we were there. Daddy wasn't feeling well so he slept for a good chunk of the day. As for me well I just tried to find a comfortable spot to relax, I fell asleep for about 45 minutes. It was really nice just to be able to get together and relax. Daddy and I did do something that will be really cool when it is finished. We made a body cast of my belly, I had seen the idea on tv and thought it would be an awesome keepsake. Little did I know it would make for a very uncomfortable hour. You have to sit really still and let the mold set and dry...that was terrible because I sat up against an ottoman and it kept slipping which made me slip and oh the pain on my lower back. I can only imagine how much of a baby I will be during labor.
Sunday, the 24th, we woke up early, Santa had come to our house early since Gracie wouldn't be there on Christmas morning. He left Gracie so many presents, her favorite is the Bratz ipod. There is nothing that little girl doesn't have, especially after this Christmas. We then quickly rushed around the house to get cleaned up and went we to church. After church we went to Freddie and Ginger's for the Acker family Christmas celebration. It was so fun watching Gracie and Zach open gifts. As soon as Zach would open one he had to get it out, play with it, then move onto the next. It was yet another relaxing day we family, I just love days like that!

Monday, the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Jason and I got to sleep in a bit, it was great we never get to do that. Then we cleaned up the house and started laundry. It is amazing how Christmas can make a house so messy...we had gifts and wrapping paper everywhere. He took off about 11 am and picked up Gracie. She is spending the next week with us. She is out of school till the 4th, so this week she is ours. I feel bad for her though she is not feeling 100%, but she has been good and taking her medicine. We still have a lot planned and lots of stuff to play with at home so we will make the best of it.

Tuesday, the 26th, the BPP. Today Miss Gabriele was definitely showing off for sissy. It had been a long time since Gracie had gone to a doctors appointment, so she was excited to get to go. And Gabi was happy she was there, she passed her test in 25 minutes. The cutest thing though when the nusre was showing Gracie Gabi's face and hands Gabi gave Gracie a thumbs up and she waved at her. It is like she knew Gracie was there and she wanted to say hello to her sissy. So things are going great and we are getting closer so we are getting really anxious, me more so than Daddy.

Overall it was a great weekend and now we are counting down. Christmas has come and gone and now our next big event is the birth of our little angel...only 5 weeks left if we go as planned.