Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back to KC...

uuuhhhhhhhhhh!!! I just typed up an update and due to this wonderful thing we know as technology it stopped and deleted it all. So this probably won't be as good as the original entry!

As the title says, we are moving back to KC! After everything went down with Jason's job we were on our way back for a visit last weekend and well...we decided to stay! Jason has made one trip back to get our necessities and he will make another before the end of the month to get everything else. Anybody got a hook up with a Uhaul or a trailer???
The only thing that kept us in Indy was the job and well that is no longer there so why should we stay. I am just so thankful that Jason is capable of packing up our stuff. I am way to uncomfortable to make that drive anymore! Lucky me I married a man who can pack on his own...hhhhmmmmm I should let him do that more often:) Just joking honey, I wish I could help.

We are 95% sure Jason has found a job, but until he gets the 100% I am not mentioning anymore on that. Just say an extra prayer that it works out:)

Baby updates...
Bella is back home, she is doing great!
Ava is increasing her feeds and still working on being weaned off the vent. She is such a fighter!!! Ava still has a long recovery ahead, but she is doing well. Both could definitely still use your prayers so thank you for remembering them:)

As for Miss Kinsley, she is doing fabulous! I went to the new doctor today in KC. I am a bit frightened! I have grown 1 inch and gained 2 more lbs since last week. I hope this is not how every week is gonna be from here on out. I still have 11 weeks and that means I will be HUGE!!! I mean I feel huge at this point, but gees oh petes give a girl a bit of a break! I guess the most important thing though is my little sweet pea is doing great, so it will all be worth it:)


Deb in OPKS said...

Welcome back! Moving stinks. I've done it far too many times. Good luck on the job. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Deb (Mom of Gabby's Glory)

mom2girls said...

if it helps...some of that weight gain and growth could be due to a diffrent scale and someone new measuring you. they all have their own way of doing it. where i used to work each doctor had their own scale so their patients were always measured on the same one.

just an FYI. Have a good day! ;-)

Carey said...

what a great update! I'm so excited to hear you guys are coming back!!! Remember I've still got that picture for you...are you coming to Ttown this weekend? How about a playdate w/ the kids? Chelsea's counts should be fine by long as you're all healthy! (I know not like you won't have anything better to do ..unpacking...)but come on, a playdate would be fun! We're free all day Sunday. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

All good news! Yeah! Laurie

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh no! And I didn't even get a chance to meet you when you were within hours away! Bummer for me! I hope it all works out for the best for you all.

The Bryant Family said...

welcome back and hope to meet you soon.

Kaden and Ava's mommy said...

Even with that two extra pounds, you and your belly are adorable. I hope that things go well with the possible job!!! Take care. Love, Amy

Beth said...

Congratulations!! Hope the move goes smoothly and way to go Hubby for getting everything packed!!

Good luck with the move and job search!

Isabella said...

I am working on Matt about the KC thing!! I don't think it will do any good. Oh well, at least you are only three hours away instead of three now. And I agree with Amy, your belly is adorable!! Still praying about the job. Let me know when you find out.