Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daddy's Corner

I don't update nearly as often as I should and I'm pretty sure if I go back and look this has been how I start every entry that I leave ;-)...

Life has been such a whirlwind and my wonderful wife has done such an amazing job of keeping all of you updated and I love her so much for that. Of course she yells at me on a regular basis that I need to leave an as the song goes..."Wanna hear it?....Here it goes..." haha

It is wonderful to be back home, nothing went quite as we expected or planned but it always seems to work out. I don't think anything has gone as planned or expected from the first day Micah and I met! As crazy as our lives have been though we have always found a way to work together and make the best of the situation we are in at the time. That and our family and friends have always been there for us to pull us through.

So now we are on a new adventure, so we'll see what wonderful direction the whirlwind that is known as our lives takes us now. I am embarking on a new career selling cars. So if anyone that reads this is either looking for a new or used car or knows of someone that is looking make sure to contact me. (Shameless self promotion! haha). I am also going to reactivate my life and health insurance license and will have Micah work with me on that a little to make calls and set appointments for me. Again the plan...but when has a plan that we've ever put together ever actually worked out? The one plan that has always worked out is the plan and promise we made to each other to love each other no matter good times and in bad...and man has that been put to the test quickly! ;-)

As far as my girls go....well...I miss Gabi terribly. There still isn't a moment in a day that goes by that I don't think about her and have flash backs of being in the hospital with her. The closer we get to Kinsley's arrival the more emotional turmoil we go through. I am so excited for her to be here but also very very nervous for her to be here. Gracie is amazing as ever and making her daddy so proud. She is just such a strong, smart, and just plane incredible little girl. She has been through so much at such a young age, but I truly believe she is going to use her experience to grow and become a better person. I will spank her little bottom if she becomes a poor me person! haha

So again thank you to all that continue to follow us on here. Many of you may not realize it and we probably don't say it enough, but when you continue to log on to our website or pass it on to your friends it keeps Gabi alive. So thank you to everyone for keeping our angel alive!

Love Love Love Love
Jason, Micah, Gracie, Angel Gabi, and Belly Baby Kinsley


Anonymous said...

Micah and Jason,
You guys are awesome! I am so glad you are back in Kansas! Welcome home! I am so proud of you both for being so strong!


Fred Acker said...

Hey kid, get a grip. Ain't no "whiners" in this family! I've spent a lot of time in recent months reflecting on just how much has gone on in our family. No need to make a list here, you know all about it. In the end what really matters is you have Micah to lean on and she has you. God has really blessed both of us with wonderful women to keep us on the straight and narrow. I miss Gabi very much too, but the good news is we'll all get to see her again. She'll be waiting for us with a big fistful of pink balloons!
Gracie is a tough girl. Sometimes I think she has a better understanding of what's going on than I do. We just have to make sure she knows we love her, and I think you're doing a fantastic job in that regard.
Hang in there kids. I've been dealing with the "Acker luck" for 55 years now. It's never easy, but we always seem to come out on top!
Love ALL of you!
Papa and Mema