Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally, an update and photos...

Pics from week 4
Kinsley's first adventure to the pool...

Working hard with Daddy!!!

Uncle (Big) Mike
Happy Father's Day Daddy:)

Kinsley is getting so big, today she weighed in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. She does have a bit of a cold and possibly some acid reflux. I took her into the open clinic today after an episode of vomiting. Of course we were not able to see our doctor, so I did not feel like she was properly cared for. So I called to and spoke to one of our nurses this afternoon and she is going to call me back tomorrow after discussing my concerns with our doctor. She has been throwing up every time she eats even when we are just switching sides... which me to believe it could be reflux, which the nurse did bring up as well. Then her right eye has been oozing yellowish greenish goo. It breaks my heart to know there is nothing I can do till the doc figures it out. And why couldn't the doc we saw today given me a better answer than, well she needs to throw up more before we are really concerned. HELLO, she has not started this until 3 days ago, something is not right. And the eye, well it could be a clogged tear duct, but I seriously doubt it, cause it just gets worse and I have been massaging like I was told and it does not help! Ugggg...I want better answers she deserves that!

On a happier note she got her first experience at the pool yesterday and loved it! I put her in the water and she was so happy.

Kinsley is 5 weeks old today...where has the time gone???

Pics from week 3

Great Grandpa

Great Gram

4 Generations



Isabella said...

Look at that little love button!! She is so darn cute. I can't beleive how big she is getting. Gosh I miss you!! I hope you get some answers soon about the reflux and the tear duct. Lets chat soon.
Love ya

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

YEA!!! I am so happy to see pictures. I still can't get over how much hair she has. Speaking of hair, did Gracie get a haircut?

Always thinking about you all and keeping you guys in my prayers.

little.birdy said...

This child definitely wins at Awesome Facial Expressions. *grins* What a little cutie-pie!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous!! Congrats! I hope things are starting to fall into place and I hope she's doing good better. God Bless

Anonymous said...

I can see so much of you in her. She is just beautiful. I can't wait to finally see her in person. I had that same problem with Savanna on the reflux. They gave me some medicine to give her and it made a worlds difference. I couldn't figure out why she was getting sick everytime after she ate too. Its nerve racking, I know. Give her lots of love for me.

Love ya,

Valerie said...

I'm so glad everything is going well. Kinsley is adorable and Micah, you look great for only being 4 weeks out!! I sincerely hope that the puking/refluxing issues are addressed quickly and resolve. I imagine it would not be fun. You have a beautiful family and I know Gabi would be so proud of her little sis!!

April and Jeff said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm sorry you are having medical issues with her. It always makes things stressful when they occur. My girls had acid reflux too. The gi doctor put them on medicine and mylanta SUPREME and it did help. Slowly but surely it went away as they were more upright. I hope your doctor can find the solution quickly.

Anonymous said...

Aww, so precious. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon - poor baby! Good luck!