Monday, June 23, 2008

A busy weekend...

This has to be my favorite picture so far...Does life get any better???

So far I do not feel like the medicine for the reflux is making a difference. I hate it because she is so fussy. And really who can blame the girl...she eats, fill up, throws up, then we start over again, and she never gets satisfied. I am really hoping either the medicine starts working or we can find a new solution on Wednesday at our appointment. As for her eye, the drops seem to help al ittle, but I think she has a bad cold and it just has to works its course.

This weekend was Zach's (my nephew) 4th birthday. He is getting so big! We went to his house yesterday for the party. The kid loves super heros!!! In fact he assigned us all to different super heros to buy for him. We bought Batman...check out the suit we found for him. He loved it!
Happy Birthday Zachy Reid, we love you!!!


Isabella said...

Love the pics. He is getting so big and she is just so precious!! By the way Madison loved seeing pics of Zachy!! We will be up on the 7th and the 8th so hopefully we can catch up then.
Miss You and Love Ya

Little Smiths said...

G did that too- would spit up entire feedings on me, especially in the middle of the has since gotten TONS better. He takes zantac, but it was improving before then...i think it has to do some with age. :) Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

My cousin's baby also thought she had acid reflux. She would throw up every time she ate and was extremely fussy! She was on formula and they switched that around. Finally they tried Similac's Alimentum formula. They noticed a difference in her almost immediately. It is a hypoallergenic mix. Might be something to check out. She was about 2 months old when they switched and is doing great now at almost 4 months.

Love the pictures...she is Sooo adorable.

anna mcghee said...

ALL of my kids had reflux and it stinks! if you think the medication isn't working, keep bugging your doc until they give you the hard stuff! it was finally prilosec for us, and the screaming FINALLY stopped! and the older they get the better it gets, although that advice won't be too helpful for right now :) good luck and hope she starts feeling better soon!