Friday, July 11, 2008

A Day Fit for a Princess...

Princess Kaddy, ruler of all cuteness!!!
On Wednesday we met Megan and the girls for lunch at Crown Center. Once a month they come to KC for Bella's appointments and it is our thing to meet with them, I gotta see them somehow:) After lunch they headed to CMH and I decided to take Gracie and Kinsley to Kaleidoscope. Now if you have never taken your kids there before, it is a part about it, it is FREE!!! It is part of Hallmark, I believe it is a lot of there scraps. It is a huge room full of arts and crafts. Nothing has instructions, the kids just get to be a creative as they want. Parents get to join in on the fun too! I remember going to kaleidoscope as a kid, it was my favorite field trip. Anyways, Gracie made her things and I obviously hooked up Kinsley. We will definitely be going back before the summer is over!


Anonymous said...

How fun! We wanted to take the kids there this year for a Field Trip...but the gas for the bus just wasn't in our budget! I think you need to work on turning Gracie into a scrapbooker so when she comes back to town we can play! =)

Megan said...

I was so happy to get to snuggle your sweet little love bug. She is really just too cute for words. Sorry it has been CRAZY around here. I will call you this week.
Love You!!